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THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I’ve been in practice for ten years and have gone through no less than five SEO companies and built five websites. Invariably, they all start off strong, some never start at all, and they all slack off. Additionally, building a website is my personal version of hell because it takes so long, and it is so hard to find a team that can produce a beautiful and functional website. I’ve been with Firm Media for the past year and love their service. They don’t dilute their brand because they only take one client in your field within a 15-mile radius and this is important for good quality SEO.”

Dr. Nima Shemirani, Firm Media Client Since 2018

They are responsive and knowledgeable in everything you need for your digital marketing at a very fair price. They help with PPC, newsletters, SEO, creating new content for my approval, and it is effective. I’m already showing up on Google maps for certain procedures. In addition, Joshua and Lisa are such a pleasure to work with. They are my main contacts and are always available anytime I need anything. They are friendly and effective. I would recommend them to anyone that’s NOT in my area, for your digital marketing at a very fair price.”

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