Custom Website Design
For Medical Practices

As a specialty medical practice, you understand that the competition online is steep, and that you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors in order to turn more prospects into patients.

At Firm Media, we are passionate about ensuring that the doctors who place their trust in us have websites that not only look great but also perform. Our custom website design services offer a full range of features that deliver a seamless user experience alongside best-in-class functionality.

We Design Custom Websites That Look Great And Drive Leads

We will help your practice get noticed with a beautifully designed website that promotes your services, communicates your values, inspires trust, and converts. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring your new website is optimized for search, showcases custom content and graphics, and remains HIPAA compliant.

Did You Know?…

75% Of Website Credibility Comes From Design.

Why You Need An Updated Website

Some medical fields are much more competitive than others. Plastic surgery is a great example of an industry where each practice is looking to separate itself from the rest of the pack. If your website hasn’t been updated or refreshed in the past 5 years, chances are you are going to fade into the background. If you want to be viewed as the best, as a leader, your website needs to reflect that you are ahead of the curve.

Client Testimonial

Firm Media has completely exceeded our expectations in terms of what we thought was possible

-Dr. Michael Chan | SF Oral

Data-Driven and Conversion Friendly Design

Firm Media engages in a data-driven approach in our development processes—and we will make certain your website is modern and appealing to today’s patients. Our website design services bring to life in-depth and comprehensive research of your specialty, who your targeted patients are, and what desires are driving them to seek you out. Furthermore, when you work with us, you will realize there is never a time where we perform a service and then “walk away.” Instead, we constantly consult analytics to modify strategy and improve performance based on real-time data.

How We Manage Our Websites

When you make the decision to partner with Firm Media in the custom design and development of a new website, you have the option to tie your website strategy in with our digital marketing services. Of course, if you only need a new website, we are still happy to help.

Finally, you will feel confident that no matter how long we work together, your website, in the end, is yours. While you work with us, you have the choice of housing your website on our server or somewhere externally. To note, when we host your website, we find we are able to provide the best experience and support. However, if you ever decide to go in another direction, rest assured that you are able to take your website with you and put it on your own server with ease.

Our Websites Are Industry Specialized

When you treat a patient, you never take a “one size fits all” approach. The same should hold true with the company that designs your website. Just as your practice and specialty are unique, so are your marketing needs—and they require expertise that is specialized and never general. Firm Media builds online and digital solutions that address the challenges that medical practices face—and it is that focus that allows you to connect with patients more meaningfully.

Meet Your Team At Firm Media

At Firm Media, we are a team in every sense of the word. A custom website is an enormous undertaking that requires specialists in many different areas. This is where Firm Media stands above the rest. Our departments coordinate with each other to make sure that your website is beautiful, user-friendly, and fast. The combined effect is a professional website that turns prospects into patients.

What Makes Us Different?

Our company was founded on providing our clients full transparency, and we are different because we merge creativity, accountability, and innovation in all we do. We are driven by the mission to apply everything we know about digital marketing to practices that are seeking a new perspective when achieving their business goals. Additionally, we pursue alignment—and want to make sure we fit with you just as much as you fit with us.

View Our Award Winning Web Designs

Our team happens to be big believers in the idea that “seeing is believing.” As such, we invite you to browse our portfolio and see for yourself the type of website design work that we can do for you.

Let’s Schedule A Demo

Are you ready to begin working with the Firm Media team in building a brand-new website that reflects your practice’s ideals and the services you offer to patients? If so, do not wait to begin driving more online traffic and turning those visitors into patients.

We are eager to learn about your needs and what you are looking for in a website.

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