When your medical practice is seeking to nurture its online presence, you must have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is all-encompassing, well-thought-out, and inclusive of cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. At Firm Media, we engage in best-in-class SEO that is calculated, intentional, and transparent. Our data-driven expertise will help you move the needle and realize a return on investment.

Results-Oriented SEO for Your Practice

We believe that if you invest in our services, you should expect to see tangible results that boost your bottom line. Because there is an overwhelming amount of competition for the services you provide, we recognize that you need to stand out among search results when potential patients are seeking medical professionals in your field. This is why we focus on making on-page and off-page optimization in order to improve your rankings, drive more leads to your website, and increase conversion rates, which translates to more patients walking through your doors.

We Have a Plan

Just as you would never begin a medical procedure without a plan of action, the same holds true in how we approach your SEO—and we seek to ensure that plan is right for you. We will analyze your practice, consult with you on your goals, assess the local market and your competition, and look to understand the questions that your prospective patients have about your services. Your plan will be anything but generic, and we will create a roadmap to organically overtake your competitors.

Keywords That Matter

Effort, insight, and strategy are required when devising a keyword strategy for your practice—and it must focus on user intent, not some randomly generated list of words delivered by a research tool. We do not bloat our campaign by going after terms that are easy to rank but bear no fruit. Rather, we target “bottom of the funnel” keywords that deliver qualified inbound traffic.

Own Local and Organic Search

We look to rank our clients in the local map pack on Google to grab the interest of nearby prospects while also attaining organic results to achieve maximum search visibility when a user is searching for a specific keyword.

Drive Qualified Traffic, Attain Leads, and Increase Patient Acquisition

We want to show growth in each of these areas as we track key performance indicators on a period-to-period and year-to-year basis. Ultimately, what matters to us is that you are realizing a return on your investment.

How We Helped Dr. George H. Sanders

SEO Explained

At Firm Media, we are transparent in our efforts, shed light on your strategy, and seek to strip away the mystery that is oftentimes associated with SEO. You will never be kept in the dark when you partner with our team.

How We Do It

We will properly align your expectations as a client with what is required to rank valuable keywords and attain long-term organic inbound traffic. Our highly experienced SEO team will deploy a number of approaches to ensure you rank higher in the search engines, including:

Calculated Keyword Research

You do not need to rank for hundreds of keywords that are only going to boost your Google Analytics report when the focus should be on those that have local search intent and are going to result in qualified traffic. We identify those keywords because we are more interested in improving your bottom line, not padding a report.

Content Planning & Development

Our team will plan and develop content that is not only optimized for search but will also prove valuable to users, answer their questions, and in the process, show the search engines that you are providing beneficial knowledge that results in improved rankings.

Competitor Analysis

Conducting research on your competition will show our team and yours how other medical practices are succeeding online and highlight areas where there is room for improvement. In this, we may uncover new and unique ways to help you achieve success.

Client Testimonial
Dr. Beck on SEO Driving More Qualified Patients

Technically Sound On-Page Optimization

One of our goals is to ensure that your website loads quickly, is user-friendly, showcases high-quality content, has appropriate metadata, and much more. We want to guarantee that search engines find your site easy to crawl, understand, and index.

Citation Development

Your directory listings, such as Google My Business and Yelp, as well as industry-specific platforms, play a key role in SEO strategy. We ensure your name, address, phone number, and other pertinent contact information are standardized and accurate across each site.

Shareable Assets

We want to create content, infographics, imagery, and other deliverables that have the potential to go viral, increase your visibility, generate new and legitimate backlinks, and move the needle for your practice.

Social Blending

When looking to gain rapid traction, we put time and effort into confirming your content gets attention. As such, we will boost and promote content across social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Conversion Optimization

It is one thing to drive a lot of traffic to your website—but the process does not end there. Visitors must also find something on your site that interests them and answers their questions, spurring them to take action. We focus on ensuring traffic results in patient conversions.

Reporting & Analytics

From the very start of your campaign, we establish KPIs that matter to your practice. Then, we make data-driven decisions that deliver growth and help you reach your goals. Furthermore, we convey our findings to you, and if something needs adjustment, we make that correction.

Meet Your Team At Firm Media

Our company believes in synergy and collaboration, which is why our SEO services do not exist in a silo. When you make the decision to partner with Firm Media, your SEO strategy will align with your overall approach to digital marketing, delivering a synchronized effort that is harmonious. Our SEO specialists will strategize cross-functionally with our in-house experts on website design, PPC, social media, and other areas to confirm your unique needs are met and that our deep industry knowledge is deployed on every front.

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We understand the challenges that medical and dental practices face when attracting new patients and are eager to help you level up your SEO strategy.