They are very different from other website companies I have worked with in the past in that they look at all aspects of your campaign and provide a comprehensive, customized service.

Dr. William Bruno

At Firm Media, our content strategy is a collaborative effort with all elements of your campaign unifying to create one voice for your brand. We create a voice that distinguishes you in the market and leads to conversion.

The right resources, formatting, and answers to questions your potential patients want to know are part of the process. Your selling point is your individuality and to achieve this distinction, we value your input. What sets us apart is the in-depth questions we ask and the research we conduct to understand your market, partnering with you in the creation of your unique brand.

Engaging Content That Establishes You as an Expert

Any professional practice can describe what they do. But can they differentiate themselves from the rest? Our content strategy involves asking the right questions that drill down into the details of what your market wants. We strive to speak their language and appeal to their motivations, hopes, goals, and dreams.

We tap into this with collaborative brainstorming sessions, data analysis relevant to user engagement, and a discovery process of unique aspects of your education, background, or specializations that set you apart in your market.

Our branding revolves around your practice rather than fitting you to match everyone else in your market. Tailoring our approach to what you do for a website that captures everything your practice is accurately.

Consistency Across All Media

We emphasize the need for all content to send the same message to your market. You partner with us to develop your brand or reshape it to something that embodies the philosophy of your practice. That way whether someone sees your website, blog, Facebook page, or retargeting ads, we are driving home the same message and compelling the user to choose you.

Consistency does not mean copy, pasting text or reposting the same information. It involves a different context with fresh information injected to support your ideas. A blog on its own is static, but coupled with a new study or relevant article that’s trending, it becomes meaningful and worth sharing on social media. Your blog and website are turned into a resource for people searching for answers, providing value to your market before you even meet them.

Content is Your Key to Successful SEO

SEO and content go hand in hand. Achieving a balance between readability and being found on Google is one of the goals we strive for with all of our partners. At the start of your campaign we will focus on establishing your practice in a specific market for certain keywords by applying:

  • Pages that outline your services.
  • Blogs that go into depth about your opinion on a topic.
  • Refining these pages throughout the process to optimize your rankings for specific keywords.

As your campaign continues, we will continue to write content that follows proven SEO strategies and appeals.

Keep It Fresh

People have a misconception of content as static. In truth, it is one of the most essential aspects to update, and sometimes overhaul completely. By evaluating your existing content and identifying its weaknesses and strengths, we create a content strategy that highlights the most compelling aspects of your practice.

Putting It All Together

After writing compelling content we put your content to the test by running it through other departments. Our SEO team checks that everything is optimized for keywords. Our social media team distributes key blog posts that drive traffic to your website. Our data analyst monitors any changes in your website’s vital statistics so that we can implement changes to continuously improve your rankings.

In the end, your content is how you’re found and represented online. It is your personal voice. When it stands out from your competitors you are instantly set apart in your market.

Have questions about content strategy? Please give us a call today at (909) 395-3615 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to speaking with you!

Search Engine Optimization With a Strategy & Results

The majority of people looking for a professional medical or dental practice will begin their search online. If they can’t find you there, you will not have an opportunity to get their business.

With effective SEO for your professional practice, your website content can be found in online search results at the moment potential clients need your services. Ranking well for relevant searches gives your practice greater authority and encourages potential clients to learn more about your work.

SEO by Firm Media focuses on the objectives your practice wants to achieve rather than arbitrary rankings or high-risk tactics that can penalize your business. We:

  • Create keyword strategies that can be targeted to your industry and location.
  • Conduct competitive analysis to identify tactics that can give your practice an edge.
  • Pursue both on-site strategies, such as content creation, and off-site SEO strategies, like collaboration with social media, local directory listings, etc.

Our process provides long-term value to your practice. We use industry-leading tools for site monitoring and rank tracking. This helps us tailor your strategy so that it becomes more and more relevant to your audience. As a client, you’ll track the results of our work through quarterly reports, and you’ll meet regularly with our team to discuss achievements and opportunities.

Data Driven Decision Making

Once the initial search engine optimization is implemented on your website, our team analyzes the performance of your site to decide what works, what doesn’t, and what action items are next on our list for your campaign. We take a deep-dive analysis into:

  • Website traffic
  • Percent of new vs. returning visitors
  • Conversion rate (are you getting leads from your SEO efforts?)
  • Bounce Rate (who stays on your site and who leaves?)
  • Which keywords searchers are using to find your site
  • Top performing pages
  • And more!

The data we review gives a clear picture of how people are finding your site, and how they interact and engage with the website once they are there.

We want to do more than optimize your website for search engines; we optimize for conversion above all! This means SEO is not just a stand-alone product, it is involved in every aspect of what we do for your professional practice. You can read more about this concept on our blog.

What about the RESULTS?

Once a potential patient or client visits your site, we want them to interact and turn into a lead who contacts you by phone or contact form (email). These leads are an excellent opportunity to book consultations and ultimately gain a new client for your professional practice. Want to read more about our clients and their excellent results? Check out our Case Studies.