For Medical Practices

As a doctor or dentist, you encounter patients who have a variety of needs and challenges—as well as disabilities. Until recently, ensuring disabled individuals had equal access, and accommodation only pertained to physical office locations. Now web and mobile assets must be ADA compliant and accessible to all people.

At Firm Media, we study this ever-changing issue and stay on top of newly issued guidelines to reduce the liability that our clients may face as they develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

What Does Web Accessibility Mean To Your Medical Practice?

Patients with a disability must have access to a doctor’s or dentist’s website. Not only is it the law, and you must follow the rules to protect your practice and reduce your liability of experiencing a discrimination lawsuit, but when this is implemented correctly, your practice’s bottom line has the potential to benefit.

When you decide to ensure your practice’s website is accessible, the visibility of your practice increases, and you will be able to reach new patients. These individuals will be more confident in deciding to partner with your practice, because the message that you believe in inclusion and equitable access to healthcare will be evident. In turn, your reputation as a doctor or dentist will be boosted.

How Do You Ensure Your Digital Assets Are ADA Compliant?

There more you focus on compliance; the more liability is minimized, thereby protecting your business.

At Firm Media, here are some of the ways we strive for a high standard of compliance:

Our goal is to help you minimize your potential liability as much as possible to protect the viability and longevity of your practice. For this reason, we remain up-to-date and aware of changing requirements and evolving guidelines.

Your Trusted Partner In ADA Website Compliance

By trusting our marketing agency, you can be proactive and strategic about managing your digital assets for web accessibility and compliance.

We welcome the opportunity to be your digital marketing partner and consistently monitor your website to ensure it is accessible to everyone. We aim to grow your reputation alongside an improved bottom line.

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