As a medical provider, you are aware that you must connect with patients who are seeking out your services expediently and efficiently. While there are many digital marketing strategies that can enable you to realize this goal, one of the fastest ways is via search engine marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. As such, the team at Firm Media creates and deploys expert-level PPC campaigns for our medical clients.

What Does PPC Accomplish?

PPC is a form of digital marketing where you will pay a fee every time a prospective patient clicks on one of your ads. It is a method of buying website clicks, as opposed to earning those visitors organically. So, while there is a cost to PPC, it must be noted that it offers many compelling benefits, including integrating seamlessly with other digital marketing strategies, offering quick entry to your site by qualified prospects, providing results that are easy to measure and track, and delivering a wealth of useful data that can be utilized throughout a campaign’s lifetime.

How Much Control Can You Have Over a PPC Campaign?

Your medical practice will have considerable control over a PPC campaign, including your keywords, the type of ads you run, as well as when those ads run. Our team also fine-tunes keyword bidding, meaning that the ads will always show up at the top of the SERPs, and if they do not, then bidding is adjusted to ensure a prominent position.

We Drive Paid Traffic That Delivers A Positive ROI

Our strategy with your practice depends on whether or not you have engaged in PPC in the past. If you have, we will first go into your existing campaigns and analyze your setup, what is currently running, and its efficiency. We may implement adjustments or recommend that we start fresh with a campaign built by our certified search engine marketing specialists.
On the other hand, if your medical practice has never done PPC, we will collaborate with you on targets and what procedures or services you want to show up in the SERPs for—then we will create a budget centered around those goals.

Immediate Search Visibility

PPC helps you gain visibility online almost immediately. Once the PPC campaign is set up, correct keywords have been identified, and compelling ads have been created, it is possible to begin driving targeted traffic to your website instantly. Furthermore, if a PPC ad appears in any of the top three ads of the SERPs, there is a far greater chance that a prospect will engage your practice’s services simply because of the keyword relevance that drove them there.

Quality Lead Generation

When done correctly, PPC campaigns can allow your medical practice to acquire bottom-of-the-funnel leads in a real-time capacity. PPC campaigns drive instant traffic and put your practice in the spotlight. This attention can turn into qualified patient leads who may be further in their buyer’s journey and ready to make a decision.

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The Importance of Campaign Awareness

Many factors go into a successful PPC campaign for a medical practice. For instance, we remain aware of the seasonality of certain procedures, such as breast augmentation or wisdom teeth extraction, just to name two, and structure your campaign around when prospective patients are likely searching for these services. Additionally, we stay abreast of other factors that impact campaign awareness, including:


CPA—or cost per acquisition—is a PPC performance measurement. This metric shows how much your practice pays in order to achieve a conversion. Typically, this cost will be higher than your cost per click (CPC) because not every person who lands on your site from a PPC ad will make a purchase. We focus on improving conversion rates to reduce your overall CPA.

Competitor Analysis

In order to achieve success, analyzing and evaluating how competitors perform is key. We will conduct extensive competitor research to understand their PPC strategies, analyze the marketplace, and gauge keyword auction activities—because we want you to edge out your competition.

Keyword Filtering

We ensure the keywords associated with your PPC campaign are the most valuable to your practice in order to boost conversions. We will tailor your campaign to align with keywords that associate with a buyer’s journey. If we see keywords that appear to be a waste or not as lucrative as originally believed, we will exclude those keywords to ensure your ad is never shown for that keyword again.

Are You a New Practice? We Can Get You Patients

Opening a new practice can be intimidating, especially when you feel unsure about where your first patients are going to come from. This is where PPC can help. Due to the nature of a PPC campaign, it is possible to realize an immediate ROI with a fully optimized & efficient campaign. Compared to other forms of organic SEO and digital marketing, PPC campaigns can get patients to walk through your door right now.

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How We Monitor Campaign Success

Here at Firm Media, we track and analyze the results of everything we do on your behalf. We have a fully interactive dashboard, that measures all of the core metrics, including clicks, CPA, impression share, and more. With a commitment to transparency, we report on this data as often as possible and walk you through everything to ensure a full understanding.

Display & Video Advertising

Display and video advertising are PPC campaigns that serve as a powerful way to build your medical practice’s brand. While more passive than paid search advertising, display, and video advertising allow you to target potential patients based on their online behavior, content browsed, keywords searched, videos and channels watched, and even more.

What Does Display Advertising Accomplish?

Display advertising uses brand awareness to plant a seed in a prospect’s mind and associates your practice with a certain procedure or service. While the prospective patient may be top-of-the-funnel and not be ready to buy right now, when they begin looking for a doctor, they are more likely to recall your practice’s name, offering recognition.

YouTube Ads that Raise Brand Awareness

YouTube is owned by Google and is the second-largest search engine. We recommend that medical practices build a YouTube channel, post regular content, and then formulate an ad strategy. Your ad will be shown to viewers surfing other content that you have indicated aligns with your services, brand, user behavior, or geography—or a combination of these factors. Moreover, these ads can be specifically targeted to reach prospective patients searching for specific medical procedures by showing them before and after photos of actual patients.

Meet Your Team At Firm Media

At Firm Media, we believe in collaboration. As such, our PPC and search engine marketing services are but one important component of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. When you partner with our team, you will immediately access a deep bench of cross-functional talent that spans PPC, SEM, SEO, social media, website design, reputation management, and more. In turn, you will reap the benefits of having a digital marketing team that understands the challenges faced by medical practices standing next to you, implementing a strategy that results in more patients, and guiding you into your next era of professional success.

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