MediLearn360 ™ 

This is a proprietary collection of visuals for patient education. These industry-specific medical procedure illustrations and videos are a valuable resource for medical practices looking to enhance patient education and market their services. These industry-specific visuals can be used on the practice’s website to educate patients, attract new ones, and increase visit durations for lead conversion. The illustrations and videos are designed to be easily understandable, visually appealing, and informative. Plans for this product include exciting versions that can be used in waiting room TV and chair-side patient education. These versions will be optimized for large screens, with high-quality graphics and animations, making them an engaging way for patients to learn about medical procedures while waiting for their appointment or during their visit. By providing patients with accessible and informative educational materials, medical practices can enhance patient satisfaction and trust, ultimately improving patient outcomes and retention.

DigitalBoost Suite 

Proprietary toolbox of medical industry-specific widgets that is a powerful resource for medical practices looking to boost their digital marketing efforts. These widgets are designed to make websites more engaging and conversion-friendly by providing interactive content that keeps visitors on the site longer and encourages them to act. The toolbox includes a variety of widgets, such as calculators, pricing tools, and quizzes that are tailored to the medical industry. These widgets can be seamlessly integrated into a practice’s website, providing a more user-friendly experience for potential patients. By leveraging this toolbox of industry-specific widgets, practices can set themselves apart from the competition and establish a strong online presence that helps drive growth and success.