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Christopher Suchánek
Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Suchánek is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Firm Media. Under his guidance, the company has become a recognized leader in digital marketing for medical practices, an American Advertising Federation “Agency of the Year,” and the recipient of numerous industry awards. Chris brings over 25 years of experience in promotion and marketing to his role as CEO. He sets Firm Media’s strategic direction and fosters the company’s culture of transparency, accountability, and service to clients.

Before launching Firm Media in 2008, Chris served as operations manager for a large digital marking firm, where he oversaw client relations for more than 700 medical practices. Prior to this role, he contributed to projects for EMI Music, RCA Records, MTV, and Warner Brothers as director of marketing and publicity for Brainstorm Artists International. Outside of his work with Firm Media, Christopher serves as a cofounder of the international nonprofit organization Project Boon.

Curt Sautter
Chief Financial Officer

Curt Sautter is the Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of Firm Media. His vision and expertise have grown the company into a successful, fiscally-sound enterprise that has served hundreds of medical practices while maintaining long-term clients and employees. As CFO of Firm Media, Curt manages the company’s financial health, including strategic planning, infrastructure, and accounting. He also guides human resources and employee development, ensuring that the team works effectively and efficiently.

Before co-founding Firm Media, Curt held the role of district manager with Prism Retail Services, managing client relations across six states. He also spent 15 years in management with The McDonald’s Corporation with more than 1,000 employees under his direct supervision. In this role, he oversaw complex financial and human resources matters. Outside of his work with Firm Media, Curt is a live music enthusiast and founder of Delirium Records.

Joshua Lott
Sales Manager

Joshua has been with Firm Media for nearly a decade, and his primary focus is on cultivating long-lasting partnerships with our clients both nationally and internationally. Along with speaking and exhibiting at symposiums, Joshua is consistently challenging our team to exceed the expectations of an ever-growing industry.

Brooke Hill
Operations Manager

With a marketing degree from Northern Arizona University and years of providing excellent customer experience, Brooke excels at building lasting relationships with clients as our Operations Manager. She ensures each department maintains clear and open communication for all projects and upholds client expectations company-wide. Her dedication to each project shows from the onboarding process and continues through each marketing campaign.

Jaycie Kim
Design Manager

Jaycie has brought a balance of creativity and data driven decisions to Firm Media. Keeping up with the latest trends and user behaviors is one of her prime goals while leading the design team. With an eye for detail and the passion for creating beautiful designs across print and web platforms, she is always ready to learn and grow as a creative.

Paul Cezanne
Development Manager

Equipped with degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology, Paul is the leader of our development team. He ensures the most modern coding techniques and technologies are being used by the team to achieve accessibility, usability, speed, and consistent web products. He is constantly pushing for up-to-date features and new programs to provide our clients with the newest functionality available. Paul is also a Muay Thai and BJJ enthusiast and loves Camping and Jeepin in his free time.

Joshua James
IT Systems Manager

Our self-proclaimed “nerd” with a passion for all things web, Joshua James believes in taking a personalized approach to help each client achieve tangible goals. He has been managing websites for brands such as Disney, Charles Schwab, WebMD, and Phillips Dental. Joshua ensures that our client’s voice is safely and effectively communicated through their online interface. He takes great care of all our clients’ website management and hosting details to guarantee a highly protected environment.

Brandi Trunick
Digital Communications Specialist

With a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing, Brandi has always had an interest in online marketing. Since joining Firm Media, she has held several positions and now proudly serves as our Digital Communications Specialist. In this capacity, she ensures that clients’ brands are portrayed effectively through each marketing medium including social media and email marketing. Also, she loves dinosaurs.

Bryan Figueroa

Bryan keeps up with new technology and trends in the design industry to better himself as a graphic designer/photographer. He applies his knowledge from school, uses creativity and skill to create beautiful websites. In his free time, Bryan loves to binge watch TV shows with his wife and relax listening to rare vinyl records.

Nohemi Arias
SEO Strategist

Nohemi graduated in 2014 with her BS in Business Administration and Marketing and continues her education towards a Master’s and MBA program. Her attention to detail has brought Firm Media new SEO strategies to help improve the performance of our clients’ campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys reading and outdoor activities.

Rebecca Brewster

Rebecca is one of our developers and is always eager to learn new tools that allow her to build the best possible site for our clients. Before coming to Firm Media, she attended the Learning Fuze Web Development Bootcamp and Coding School. In her down time, Rebecca is probably outside in her garden or reading.

Anthony Albiero
SEM Strategist

Anthony came to Firm Media from another agency where he cultivated his knowledge and ambition for marketing. His initial role as account executive evolved into SEM strategist, where he now specializes in Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click marketing. During his free time, Anthony thoroughly enjoys perfecting his art skills and studying different genres of music.

Alejandra Sanchez

Alejandra has brought a high level of expertise to the Firm Media. She graduated from Cal State LA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Coming from employment with the City of LA, she has a deep understanding of accessibility and technical infrastructure. In her free time, she is usually at Disneyland or Universal Studios. She also enjoys binge-watching for her favorite shows with her dog, Otto.

Karla Duarte
SEO Strategist

Karla graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2008 with her BS in Business Administration, with a focus in Computer Information Systems. With a background in IT, Karla understands what it takes to help run a successful website, streamline processes, and organize tasks effectively. In her free time, Karla enjoys reading, yoga, essential oils, and hiking.

Malia Rowland
Account Executive

Malia graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and has over 6 years of customer service experience. As an Account Executive at Firm Media, Malia oversees client projects and takes pride in understanding each client’s individual needs while working cross-functionally with Firm Media’s marketing and product teams to develop a personalized campaign strategy.

Karla Reyes Munoz
Account Executive

Karla graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach, with her BA in Anthropology, and is an Account Executive at Firm Media. She possesses a natural curiosity and desire to understand clients’ needs. As a part of our team, she incorporates these qualities into each unique project and is determined to provide all her clients with the best experience possible.

Joanna Cosper
Social Media Coordinator

Joanna recently graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Media Studies and Mass Communications. Returning to her Californian roots, she moved back to Rancho Cucamonga in 2019 after living in Oregon for nearly a decade to live with her partner. Her curiosity for marketing stems from years of experience working in both customer service and journalism, which allows her to genuinely connect with clients while seeking new perspectives to explore in her work. When she’s not at Firm Media, you can easily find her hiking throughout SoCal, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or curled up with a good book.

Vincent Frankini
SEO Strategist
With over 12 years experience in the industry, Vincent is a seasoned professional in content marketing for websites. As part of Firm Media’s SEO team, he uses his creative and analytical mind to develop strategies to generate more traffic for clients. He loves the thrill of the catch, which is why he is an avid fisherman, gold prospector, and marketer.

Ellyse Martinez
Adminsitrative Assistant

Ellyse is Firm Media’s Administration Assistant and works closely with our CEO’s non-profit, Project Boon. Before joining Firm Media, Ellyse was a Coordinator of Volunteers at the City of San Bernardino where she helped run the Americorp Senior Companion Program. This experienced strengthened her passion for volunteering and helping people wherever she can. Ellyse is studying pyschology and when not a Firm Media, she enjoys true crime documentaries, watching as many movies as possible, listening to Taylor Swift and most importantly spending time with family, her partner, and their cats.

Vanessa Alcala
Social Media Coordinator

Vanessa comes to us with an extensive background in strategic digital marketing. She loves a challenge and learning how to constantly establish connectivity across each facet of marketing to ensure client success in the digital world! She has worked on projects internationally and joined our team after years of creating digital content in London.

Mikayla Piperato
Account Executive
Mikayla brings a diversified background to her role as an Account Executive. With her BA in Communications and experience as a graphic designer, she uses her passion for creativity, language, and relationship building to help her clients achieve their marketing goals. Outside of work, Mikayla loves spending time with her family and her Pug, Hudson. Some of her favorite things in life are books, Dr. Martens, and ice cream!

Eddie Zamora
Obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic and Interactive Design, Eddie creates delightful experiences with functional and goal-oriented design. As an advocate for progression, Eddie stays current with the ever-changing landscape of growing brands, design, and technology. When Eddie is not at Firm Media, he loves to dive headfirst into hobbies and scientific subjects such as photography, fishing, and astrology.

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