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When you operate a medical practice, having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is crucial when attempting to reach potential patients and raise awareness for your brand.

However, any marketing strategy that lacks a reliable measurement system for analytics can be compromised. Without it, there is no way to know if your messaging is resonating with consumers, or if you are throwing valuable marketing dollars into a digital void. Analytics data helps you understand and evaluate what is happening at each stage of your patient’s journey and how your digital marketing efforts are tied together.

At Firm Media, we believe high-quality strategy and analytics data interpretation go hand-in-hand. Marketing is testing, and without an accurate measurement of analytics, you cannot test.

Why Analytics Tracking Is Vital

For a digital marketing strategy to work, you must know where website traffic, as well as associated leads, are coming from. For instance, if traffic is generated from Google, fantastic! However, if you are running an SEO or digital advertising campaign on Google, then you need accurate metrics to determine whether your investments are paying off. Many times, we see practices spending money needlessly because organic traffic is strong. Other times, we identify where investments should occur to boost results. This is the power of analytics—without tracking, you have no idea if digital marketing efforts are paying off or require a pivot.

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Dr. Brucker Discusses Advanced Analytics

Establishing KPIs That Show Growth In The Right Areas

At Firm Media, we partner with you to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are central to measuring your campaign’s success. We ensure that the data you receive is truthful, accurate, and transparent and report on your practice’s most meaningful metrics, talking you through the results to arm you with knowledge of where your campaign is succeeding and where adjustments are needed.

Here Is What We Track

It is our goal to protect your digital marketing investment. Once established, we will track user data to understand behavior, including response, action taken, how they arrived, and their interests. Comprehensive analytics tracking that gets results does not begin and end with evaluating conversion alone—you must understand what is making users convert.

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Analytics tracking is a crucial component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy—and that is why our team of specialists partner across our company in planning and implementation. Our team regularly meets with clients to share successes and plan future growth.