The following charts are for five-year and twenty-year periods, taken from Google Trends which shows relative search volume on Google. We have filtered the data to only include the United States.

We’ve looked up most of the popular services for med spa treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures in order to find patterns and trends. Many procedures were omitted due to either unclear patterns or consistent levels of interest with minimal fluctuation.

It’s also important to note the potential influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on search trends.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Long Term Trends

Breast Augmentation: 5 Year Trend

Breast augmentation has been trending down. Notice how the peak season each year is lower than the last. Not a good sign. If we zoom out to a 20 year chart that shows relative interest, the picture is even bleaker:

Breast Augmentation: 20 Year Trend

Breast Lift: 20 Year Trend

By comparison, breast lift has actually gained in popularity. To illustrate the trend, we’ve shown the 20 year chart here.The peak season is roughly January/February until August.

Fat Transfer: 20 Year Trend

Fat transfer has one of the most interesting charts, with the first 15 years showing a dramatic upward trend and peaking from 2018 to 2021, but subsequently coming off those highs.

Butt Lift: 5 Year Trend

Butt lift has a steady, consistent trend downward.

Butt Lift: 20 Year Trend

The 20 year chart tells quite a story! Initially, interest was quite minimal, but then skyrocketed in 2011-2012, and from there it slowly tapered off. We believe this trend to be largely due to the celebrity of the Kardashians.

Facelift: 5 Year Trend

Facelifts have a strong consistent trend. 

Facelift: 20 Year Trend

The 20 year chart is even more reassuring.

Neck Lift: 5 Year Trend

Neck lifts have been trending up in the past 5 years. However, if we zoom out to 20 years, we get a much more exciting chart:

Neck Lift: 20 Year Trend

Blepharoplasty: 5 Year Trend

Decent upward trend in the past 5 years, but is this just due to coming out of the pandemic? Let’s zoom out to the long term chart for the answer.

Blepharoplasty: 20 Year Trend

Bleph has actually turned the corner after Covid with some of the most dramatic gains we’ve seen.

Brow Lift: 5 Year Chart

Brow lift has been making some modest gains in the past 5 years.

Brow Lift: 20 Year Trend

The 20 year chart trend highlights the trend even more.

Tummy Tuck: 5 Year Trend

Tummy Tuck has some of the strongest seasonality of the procedures we’ve looked at, with the peak season roughly being from April to June each year. While we’re coming off the post-Covid peaks, overall there is no discernible trend, which is shown more effectively in the 20 year chart:

Tummy Tuck: 20 Year Trend

Liposuction: 5 Year Trend

Liposuction is a very similar-looking chart to tummy tuck with the post-Covid highs that subsequently trend down, and also the April-to-June seasonality. The 20 year chart shows that the interest level has been fairly consistent:

Liposuction: 20 Year Trend

Med Spa Treatments Long Term Trends

Coolsculpting: 20 Year Trend

The 20 year chart effectively shows the rise and fall of Coolsculpting. We believe the downward trend is due to market factors and increased competition.

Morpheus8: 5 Year Trend

Morpheus8 is showing a strong upward trend, far exceeding the brand name searches for other InMode offerings such as FaceTite and BodyTite. Morpheus8 is becoming of the most popular brand name searches for med spa treatments.

Microneedling: 5 Year Trend

Morpheus8 is a microneedling treatment, so it’s interesting to see how the morpheus8 chart compares with the chart of the non-branded microneedling searches. Specifically, we can see a consistent seasonality with bumps ranging from January through April each year. 

BOTOX: 5 Year Trend

Botox has a fairly steady trend upward, but no seasonality.

Juvederm: 5 Year Trend

Juvederm’s interest has steadily decreased over the year. The spike in interest at the end of the chart is due to a news-related item. 

Kybella: 5 Year Trend

Kybella has not shown any positive trend for the past 2 years.

Embracing Cosmetic Trends with Data-Driven Insights

This is the type of data driven approach that you can expect from our marketing campaigns at Firm Media, where our goal is to bring next level performance by seeing what’s next

By Vincent Frankini
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