Firm Media has been at the forefront of medical practice marketing for over a decade. Leveraging in-house talent and collaborating with esteemed third parties has allowed us to achieve remarkable results on behalf of dental and medical practices across the country. Since 2008, we have remained committed to a simple vision: helping medical practitioners solve their marketing problems and draw more patients through their doors.

Our team has become a leader in the industry for medical marketing conversations around digital marketing. As we head into 2023, our goal is not only to lead those conversations but excel in utilizing more innovative technology than ever before. We are excited to announce a rollout of Firm Media’s 2023 in-house solutions. 

Throughout the year, we will release more details on our innovative proprietary tools and services that will help our clients achieve a competitive edge when partnering with us.

Better Systems to Manage Communication with Your Marketing Team

At Firm Media, we pride ourselves on communication and transparency. One of our main proprietary solutions (initiatives) includes our coming launch of the Firm Media Portal. Our portal will enhance communication and transparency between your practice and our marketing team. This allows for greater visibility, collaboration, and efficiency while managing your campaigns.

Improved User Experience

We will reveal a variety of new tools and solutions for our clients to utilize on their websites. Our team has been working hard to develop industry-specific solutions for patient education resources, interactive tools for patient research, and client pricing. 

Our new proprietary tools will allow our clients to attract more qualified leads and help to address patient inquiries before the patients reach out to the practice. 

As part of our continued growth, our team is committed to being Google UX/UI certified this year, allowing us to remain competitive and provide a consultative approach to all our website designs.

Improved Processes Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Every department at Firm Media utilizes AI functionality to position our clients above their competition. Company-wide reporting also utilizes AI since Firm Media strategically partnered with Liine, an AI-powered call recording and automation platform that assists in full-funnel reporting on ROI for growth-focused practices. This is one of the many ways we are harnessing the power of AI to serve our clients with greater efficiency and precision reporting.

Looking Ahead and Thinking Ahead

Our team has been challenged to become industry leaders, thought innovators, consultants, and solution-oriented digital marketing strategists for medical marketing. We are excited to continue to announce and roll out our new proprietary tools in the coming months. 

We invite you to partner with a marketing team that believes in your bigger vision for your goals, your team, and your practice’s success. Elevated marketing starts here. 

We are delighted to share that in the next few months, we will be unveiling our new marketing products and unique tools.

By Malia Rowland

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