Retargeting – Paid Advertising

Only a small percentage of potential clients will contact you on their first visit to your website. To win their business, make sure that they come back.

With retargeting advertisements, Firm Media can help your professional practice stay in front of these potential clients. Retargeting shows advertisements for your practice on other websites that they visit. This helps bring them back to your website when they are ready to engage your services.

The Advantages of Retargeting Advertisements

Retargeting offers significant benefits when compared to traditional online advertisements:

  • You stay connected to potential clients wherever they are in their decision process.
    • Traditional online advertisements may only show your ad once to a potential client. With retargeting, the same person sees your ad several times, which helps your practice gain greater recognition.
    • You may spend less. Often, the people who see your advertisement will return to your website without every clicking the ad.

Firm Media’s Approach to Retargeting

Firm Media uses industry-leading retargeting solutions that reach across Google, Facebook, OpenX, Yahoo, and 60 of the top advertising exchanges and networks.

We design both general advertisements for your practice and ads that are specific to the services you offer. We also target the ads that potential clients see based on the pages of your website that they viewed. This indicates their interests in your services and how far into the decision cycle they are.

Firm Media’s retargeting ads integrate with our other interactive marketing work for your professional practice. Our strategy helps you keep and close the leads we have generated for your business.