Christopher Suchánek

Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years of experience, Chris Suchánek is a leader in digital and traditional marketing, particularly within the specialty medical industry. His career began in the entertainment industry, where he honed his skills with brands such as Warner Bros., EMI Music, and MTV, leading teams to international acclaim and a Grammy Award with Brainstorm Artists International.

Leadership and Innovation

As CEO and co-founder of Firm Media, an award-winning national medical marketing agency, Chris has launched innovative brands, including Omniblend Advertising™, MediLearn360™, ReputationNest™, and the forthcoming Ailm Atelier™. He is a Forbes™ contributor, Forbes Agency Council Member, and internationally recognized speaker on medical branding and marketing.

Chris offers insights on the latest trends in digital marketing, brand development, and patient engagement, drawing from his extensive experience and ongoing success. He is a skilled team builder and leader known for driving results through a combination of strategic vision and hands-on mentorship.

Chris is also passionate about achieving greatness through quality and consistency, a philosophy that has been instrumental in the success of Firm Media and its affiliated brands. He is a dynamic and engaging thought leader, offering clients a wealth of knowledge and a clear roadmap to elevate their marketing efforts.

Personal Life

Outside of his work with Firm Media, Chris serves as a co-founder of the international nonprofit organization Project Boon. As Firm Media’s sister organization, Project Boon devotes itself to addressing food insecurity and providing volunteer opportunities. 

Chris is also the managing partner at CASKS Restaurant Group, where he and his team own and operate multiple restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles area.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Muhammad Ali

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