Oscar Hernandez

Social Media Specialist

Oscar is a proud graduate of Cal State Long Beach, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. With a solid foundation in communication and marketing strategies, Oscar has honed his skills over the past 3 years, specializing in social media marketing.

Currently serving as a Social Media Specialist at Firm Media, Oscar is passionate about leveraging digital platforms to help clients achieve their marketing goals. His expertise lies in crafting engaging content, analyzing data, and staying ahead of trends to ensure maximum impact for Firm Media’s clientele. Outside of work, Oscar enjoys staying active by playing tennis, going to concerts, exploring new cities, and playing video games.

“If you surrender to the air, you can ride it” 

Toni Morrison

Learn More About Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are a powerful advertising tool and offer a unique approach for connecting directly with patients. This is especially true for medical practices, as social media provides an opportunity to humanize your brand, appeal to the desires of a potential patient, and drive traffic to your website and through your office’s doors.