To stay in step with changes in medical marketing, San Diego doctors and surgeons partner with Firm Media.

We are an internet marketing company for professional practices, specializing in medical and dental marketing. San Diego healthcare providers who work with us receive expert guidance with a strategic focus.

Firm Media measures success based on how we are helping your business. Surface-level metrics, like increased website traffic and higher search rankings, only matter if they are connected to your long-term objectives.

We’ll help you define these objectives, and then, we’ll help you achieve them. Firm Media supports medical practices in growing the number of patients they see; increasing per-patient-revenue; and protecting their online reputation.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The way people search for healthcare has changed. Many start by learning about the condition they have or the procedure they want. Others begin by identifying local doctors. In both cases, a lot of this research happens through Google or Bing.

Firm Media’s search engine optimization helps the right audience find your content at the moment of decision: an essential part of medical marketing. San Diego practices can target specific geographic regions; medical concerns; and psychographic characteristics (patients concerned about cost versus quality).

Social Media Marketing

Doctors and surgeons still get new patient referrals from current patients, but they aren’t always taking place face-to-face. Instead, people are going to their online social networks for recommendations.

With social media marketing from Firm Media, you make it easier for current patients to share your practice online. We manage your accounts on relevant social networks. Then, depending on your business objectives, we connect you with your audience, manage contact data and reviews, and develop your reputation as a leading provider.

User-Centered Web Design

A well-done professional custom designed website is an important part of modern medical marketing. San Diego doctors and surgeons use the site to describe the medical services that they practice offer; distinguish their work from competitors; and create a lasting impression.

Firm Media produces websites that achieves each of these goals. Our designs drive visitors to important content and then lead them towards conversion: calling your office for an appointment, submitting a request through your web form, or responding to an offer. We incorporate analytics that track how people use the site and help you make adjustments for improved performance.

Video Marketing

For many website visitors, you only have a few moments to explain your services and to make a connection. Firm Media’s professional videos tell your story to potential patients in a succinct and effective way.

We plan and script your video; provide a complete production team; and handle post-production editing. We also distribute the video through your website and social media, helping your practice reach the widest audience possible. Video analytics, including views and actions, show the impact of our work.

Partnering with Firm Media

To learn more about our medical marketing for San Diego doctors and surgeons, call us at (855) 912-0573 and connect online.