Social Media Marketing for Professional Practices

Social media marketing offers a one-to-one relationship between your professional practice and the people who benefit from your services. It also provides an immediate, personal, and emotional connection with your brand.

First Impressions Reign Supreme

Our goal in social media is to represent your professional practice as accurately as possible online by establishing your voice in broadcast. We build the first impressions that your potential patients and clients see. The level of care you provide to your patients and clients in the office should be reflected online, so that your website visitors get an idea of what it would be like to book a consultation and work with you.

As people are presented with countless choices daily, they often turn to their friends and family for recommendations. Social media is the medium that will keep your practice fresh in the minds of your past patients and clients with regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and build a community of referrals that potential clients can trust.

At Firm Media, we reflect the quality of your professional practice online and use social media to help you by:

Being genuine. Patients can easily find who the best is. But what they really want to know is if your practice cares. Social media is the closest taste they get without actually stepping foot into your practice.

Reaching new clients. Social media networks amplify your message. Firm Media creates and shares quality content that is followed and re-shared by others. Our targeted approach helps attract potential patients to your services.

Develop a community around existing clients. Firm Media can keep you in touch with existing clients by providing important resources, information, and opportunities. We keep your social media networks updated with information from your business and content that would interest your clients. Not only does it add value to your practice, forming a community of loyal patients helps protect your practice from a competitor’s influence.

Manage your online reputation. Not only is social media great for generating awareness about your practice, but it can also be used to protect the impression people get about your work. Firm Media helps you demonstrate your expertise, respond to reviews and concerns, and reward patient loyalty.

Data Driven Strategy

With every engagement we establish metrics for success, and use the data gathered to plan your social media strategy. Our process includes developing your editorial calendar; writing content for posts; and creating relationships across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Yelp. This system invites your participation and expertise as a professional practice.

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