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Promoting A Truly Caring Plastic Surgeon

Michael J. Brucker, MD has been practicing in the affluent city of La Jolla in Southern California’s San Diego County for over 14 years. With a 100% emphasis on aesthetic procedures, Dr. Brucker focuses on breast augmentations, breast revisions, mommy makeovers and rhinoplasty. When Dr. Brucker approached Firm Media for marketing assistance, he already had a steady stream of patient referrals from past patients, which was driving his business. However, he knew that his website did not really showcase what he strives for as a surgeon everyday. It also was not generating very many leads from patients for him.


Dr. Brucker did have an existing website when he first met with us. While it technically had the core elements needed for conversion, the content was lacking and didn’t give patients enough information to make a smart surgical decision. Because the content on the website was lacking, the major Search Engines did not see it as a valuable resource for users, so it did not rank very well (even in La Jolla, where he’d been practicing for years).

Not only did the content not accurately reflect the practice, Dr. Brucker did not have a video to visually explain to patients who he was, what he stood for and how dedicated he was to patient education and safety. Even if he did have a video, since he did not rank well in Search Engines, no one would have been able to see it.

Dr. Brucker already was running a Search campaign in AdWords, but without proper conversion tracking, he did not know how well it was working for him. The same can be said about his Social Media. While he was setup on all the appropriate platforms, there was not consistent branding or messaging being delivered.

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Since Dr. Brucker bought a Website Design Refresh from us, we knew we had to be strategic about how we laid out his new design. Luckily for us, Dr. Brucker had been tracking user behavior in Google Analytics, so we had somewhere to look to see what was working on the site and what was not. We found that his site had a low bounce rate and multiple pages per session, but we determined that was only because he was lacking in content on all of his pages. We wanted to make sure that patients had all the information they needed, so we wanted to expand his content (knowing that it would probably increase the bounce rate and decrease the pages per session). We knew that these behavioral stats were important, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that Dr. Brucker was getting quality leads from his website. After the content strategy was decided upon, we started getting his video shoot ready. We knew that this video had to be top notch and really showcase Dr. Brucker and his dedication to patient care. We lined up a couple of past patients with amazing stories to help us explain Dr. Brucker’s dedication. The video came out better than we could have ever imagined!


We’re very happy to report that since launching Dr. Brucker’s refreshed website, traffic to the site is up 45.67% with a 58.13% increase in new users. As we thought, his bounce rate did increase and his pages per session decreased, but, his conversion rate on his website increased an astounding 54.45%. Since he did not have much Organic rankings in any Search Engine, we knew that his traffic from Organic Search would increase dramatically. Traffic from Organic Search increased 150.46% with a 119.77% increase in conversions.

Once the website was launched, our Search Engine Marketing team sprung into action to enhance his AdWords campaigns. Since launching the site, his PPC traffic is up 55.80% with a 178.95% increase in conversions. While getting more conversions is a goal, our team also focuses on how much those conversions are costing. For Dr. Brucker’s Search Campaign in AdWords, we were able to increase conversions by 88.46% and decrease his cost-per-acquistion (CPA) by 46.50%.

With one goal of Dr. Brucker’s campaign being exposure to his patients in La Jolla and having a beautiful video, our SEM Team set Dr. Brucker up on a Display and YouTube campaign. For Dr. Brucker’s Display Campaign, his ads have been viewed over 1 million times. For Dr. Brucker’s YouTube campaign, his video has been viewed over 6,000 times for a great View Rate over 12.20%.