Keeping in Touch with Social Network Marketing

Orange County residents are among the most savvy and affluent in California, which means they patronize numerous businesses throughout the year – including yours. But while your services and products have everyday importance, your customers may only need to reach out to you once every few months or even years. This is especially true for larger investments, such as plastic surgery, tax accounting and real estate. So, how do you keep in touch during those long gaps between business engagements? Three words: social network marketing.

Establishing a connection with your past, current and prospective clients on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms is an excellent way to stay top of mind and visible, even when you’re not doing business. Have you ever bumped into an old client or colleague and walked away with his or her new business card and a followup meeting after just a few moments of catching up on the elevator? Social network marketing works in a bit the same way.

Twitter, Facebook and other social networks give you an open, unobtrusive channel of communication with your audience so they always know what’s new and exciting about your company, cause or organization. Whether you want to spread the word about a big event, milestone, or upcoming promotion or simply want to let your followers know that you’re still in business and at their service, social media provides the perfect forum.

The technology and scale of social network marketing may be new and cutting edge – but the way it works and why it works are as familiar and personal as talking about business, family or current events on the golf course, at the barber shop or over coffee. It’s all about remaining friendly, familiar and connected in a way that encompasses both the personal and professional realms and means a stronger, longer lasting bond with the people you do business with.

Keeping in touch is just one of the ways that social network marketing benefits your business and it’s just one of the key strategies in Firm Media’s full service Internet marketing services. Give us a call at (909) 979-2010, or better yet, look us up on Facebook or Twitter, to find out more about the next evolution of Internet marketing.