The way that customers connect with businesses is changing. In the past, most companies were cold entities–distant, like static displays behind storefront glass. But now, businesses and customers are seeing the value in breaking through that glass and connecting on a more personal level. Just like a game of golf or a chat over cocktails can build into a long lasting business partnership, so too can casual communication lead to customer loyalty and repeat business.

When it comes to breaking the ice in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relations, social media is playing a larger role everyday. This means that social network marketing is essential to keeping your business current and connected with the people and companies that want to have meaningful conversations with you.

But it’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These spaces aren’t just another place to run your advertisements or shamelessly promote your business. As with all things social, tact is a requirement. You wouldn’t show up to a wedding reception, fill your plate, hand out a few unsolicited business cards and then jet. You have to mingle. Catch up with old friends, introduce yourself to relatives, crack a joke and maybe even cut a little rug. You don’t have to be the life of the party. But you do have to be socially and personally invested before you bring up what you do for a living.

Social Media/Network marketing is much the same way. The value of building a network of followers and joining the conversation is unequivocally there, but there are certain unwritten rules of engagement that make it hard for the uninitiated to get their feet wet. There’s a fine line to walk between quotidian inanity and overzealous self promotion. On one side of the spectrum, you run the risk of offending or boring people by oversharing (i.e. “here’s what I had for breakfast”) but on the other end, you fail to break down that rigid veneer of corporate single-mindedness.

At Firm Media, we know that breaking into social media can be just as hard as gaining membership into an exclusive country club. But through our years of experience with social media, we can help introduce you to the world of social network marketing so you can begin building valuable relationships with past, current and prospective clients and business contacts.

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