Dr. George Sanders Plastic Surgery


Encino, CA



Dr. Sanders, a plastic surgery practice, was seeking effective ways to boost his online presence and patient acquisition. With a focus on integrating email marketing with SEO and PPC, the practice aimed to maximize its ROI and establish a stronger digital presence in the competitive field of cosmetic surgery.

Increased Overall Organic Visibility

Due to Firm Media’s strategic SEO efforts, Dr. Sanders gained over 2.65 million search impressions and over 100,000 website sessions in 2023.

Primary geo keywords achieved page 1 rankings
Primary geo keywords at positions 1 or 2

Page 1 Rankings in Google

100% of his primary geo target keywords achieved page 1 rankings in Google, solidifying their online presence and ensuring higher visibility to potential clients actively searching for their services.

2023 PPC Campaign Results

New Patient Leads
Number Of Campaigns
+ $
ROI with $100K Spend

Email Marketing Success

The practice implemented a comprehensive email marketing and automation strategy, complementing existing efforts in SEO and PPC. The results exceeded expectations when compared to the industry market standards

They maintained an average open rate of 60.5% outperforming the industry average by +38.78%
Received an ROI of over $200,000 for 2023 from email leads who booked treatment.

Custom Photography

“Excellence in Craftsmanship” is the phrase I would choose to describe how Firm Media created my new website.”

Dr. George H. Sanders, Firm Media Client Since 2019