Sales Training for Medical Practices

Have you ever felt like you were spending money on marketing, but failing to see a substantial ROI? You are not alone. Over 70% of Internet leads are lost by lack of proper-follow up or sales training. Our consultants aim to help you maximize efficiency in your practice, and provide your front office staff with the sales training they need to convert more patients to treatment.

Return on Relationship Practice Workshop

Firm Media offers a comprehensive training workshop that is taught in a full-day format. Your staff will have the opportunity to take in a lively lecture from our consultants that have decades of experience working with practices around the world. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to improve customer services within your practice, convert leads, and cultivate leadership skills in your employees this workshop is for you.

With our in-office workshop you can expect to:

  • Increase profitability with powerful relationship-building strategies
  • Develop an outstanding reputation for customer services that will attract new patients
  • Improve communication between your staff members to increase productivity
  • Implement sales and follow up protocols to convert cold leads contacting the practice

Please call (909) 395-3615 to learn more about our consulting services.