Whether you are a general practitioner, surgeon, or specialist, it’s likely you use some form of medical marketing. Dallas doctors typically rely on efforts like patient referrals and individual follow-ups from the office to grow and retain their patient base. However, internet technology has given them new ways to stay connected and to extend their reach.

As a result, now is a perfect time to revisit your strategy in medical marketing. Dallas healthcare providers count on Firm Media to find their audience in completely new, effective ways.

With Firm Media, professional practices receive strategic guidance in promoting their services. We provide effective medical and dental marketing. Dallas businesses rely on our work because we:

  • Use proven tactics and technologies.
  • Set goals and benchmark our work.
  • Focus our energies on your business objectives.

As a result, the solutions we provide make a significant, lasting impact. Learn more about how internet marketing can help your practice evolve.

Extending Your Practice’s Reach

The typical patient referral begins with one person asking friends and family whether they can recommend a good doctor. Many challenges stand between your practice and that referral.

  • Connections: The patient may only ask a small group for their advice before making a decision. Your current patients may not be among them.
  • Follow-up: Even if you are referred to the patient, the referrer may not have your information available, leaving the patient to conduct his own search for you… or not.
  • Reach: When your current patient refers you, that referral is temporary and limited. It only goes to the person who is asking for a recommendation.

Despite these challenges, face-to-face patient referrals are an inexact but powerful form of medical marketing. Dallas physicians can grow this one-to-one connection to a one-to-many form. Internet marketing makes it possible through social media referrals and content sharing.

Creating a Professional Online Presence

Once a patient is referred to you, he still must make a decision whether to use you. The internet has vastly extended the decision process. By the time many patients have contacted your office, they’ve already chosen whether to work with you. The question is, “How many other potential patients have decided to work with a different doctor?”

Your medical marketing strategy has to give Dallas patients a way of transitioning from the referral to exploring your services. Sophisticated healthcare providers have effective websites, available for access via desktop, tablet, and mobile. These sites present a professional story about who they are and what their practice has to offer.

Just as significantly, the website needs to have fresh, targeted content that attracts new patients. It needs to be optimized for search so that patients can find them after a referral. And it needs to give them a sense of how they stand out as a practice.

Getting Started with Your Upgrade

If you and your Dallas practice are interested in effective medical marketing services, we invite you to get in touch with Firm Media.Call (855) 760-2783, and connect online at Facebook and Twitter.