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I found Firm Media after being repeatedly disappointed by other companies who claimed to understand SEO and digital marketing, but failed to deliver. I needed a company that comprehensively understood digital marketing, and I finally found it with Firm Media. Also, as a dental specialist, many companies I worked with previously did not understand the unique needs of a periodontal practice and I constantly found myself explaining my services and marketing needs. Conversely, I have been very impressed with Firm Media’s knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges we face as specialists. They have helped me brand and market my periodontal specialty practice with innovative, customized, and contemporary ideas, in a very competitive marketplace, and done so with integrity and unparalleled customer service.
Dr. Tina M. Beck

Updating An Exceptional Periodontist’s Marketing

Dr. Tina Beck is a periodontist located in San Diego. She provides a wide range of services, including periodontal and general dentistry procedures. Dr. Beck’s practice is designed to give patients the most complete and custom dental care available, all while making every patient feel like they are a part of Dr. Beck’s very own family. She is extremely smart, energetic and takes the health of her patients very seriously.

Not only does Dr. Beck help patients achieve excellent oral health, but she also helps out the Greater San Diego County community. She is a Volunteer Clinical Instructor with the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health with the UCSD School of Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Beck and her staff are always focused on expanding their knowledge of general dentistry and periodontics. The entire team frequently attends seminars, lectures and conventions so that they remain informed about new technologies, products and equipment. This enables them to stay on top of advancements in dental treatments, procedures and techniques.


When we first met Dr. Beck, she already had a website that was completely functional with appointment booking, reviews and was somewhat responsive (meaning that the website did not adjust properly on certain mobile-sized screens). There were also a lot of different styles, widgets and colors on her website that made it a bit confusing for prospective patients. While the website was functional, it did not possess the necessary elements for it to rank highly in the major Search Engines.

Dr. Beck had already hired another company to handle her Social Media Marketing and when she came to Firm Media, this provided an additional challenge to complement what Firm Media was planning for Social Media, with the strategy the other company already had in place.


When Dr. Beck signed on with Firm Media, our first priority was to update her website so that it was fully responsive. After all, since so many web searches these days occur on mobile devices, her website needed to properly display for all mobile searchers. We also wanted to make sure the website highlighted Dr. Beck, her team and the practice in a light that reflected the goals and values for which they strive. The result was a refresh of the existing site, including much more imagery, and decreasing the different styles and colors that were confusing to users. The result was a fully functional, mobile-responsive website with clear calls to action for conversions – that is, appointment setting or submitting a question via her online form.

While the site was being refreshed, our Design, Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) teams strategized on the best ways to implement an effective SEO campaign. After figuring out the technical details of how we were going to roll out SEO, we interviewed Dr. Beck a few more times to really drill down and understand what keyword search terms she wanted to be found for, and strongly emphasized her most popular periodontic procedures. The result was a comprehensive SEO keyword campaign that covered multiple locations in the Greater San Diego area.

Next, since we were refreshing the site and implementing a strong SEO campaign, we had to make sure that Dr. Beck was always top of mind when the user did not convert into an appointment upon their first visit to the webpage. Enter retargeting – a special digital advertising option that displays your ads to people who have visited your website but haven’t converted, all in efforts to remind them of you. We developed ads based not only on the new site design, but also the procedure pages they visited, resulting in a highly targeted retargeting campaign.

While not initially a goal in the first year, Dr. Beck really wanted to push the Referring Doctors section of her website in year two. We decided that not only could Social Media help with this, but also Email Marketing.

Lastly, we met with the other company handling Dr. Beck’s Social Media and we came up with an action plan of who would be responsible for what. The result was an effective Facebook campaign that highlighted Dr. Beck’s commitment to patients as well as disseminating important dental information that her patients needed to know. In year two of her Social Media campaign, Dr. Beck cut ties with the other company and let Firm Media handle all of her Social Media marketing (including Instagram).


In the first 6 months of Dr. Beck’s campaign (comparing to the previous 6 months), traffic to her website increased an astonishing 90%, with an increase of 58% in unique, or first time, visitors. This is in large part do to the SEO campaign, which had an increase of 316%. Currently, Dr. Beck ranks on page 1 of Google in the highly competitive market of San Diego for 60% of her main keyword phrases, with her top two procedures and keywords all ranking on page 1.

As we mentioned, since we knew that not everyone who went to Dr. Beck’s website would convert to an appointment or question submission on their first visit, we implemented a comprehensive retargeting campaign. We’re happy to report that not only has she received a stellar click-through-rate (CTR) on her ads (over 2%), but that retargeting is also in the top 10 sources of conversions to appointments and email submissions.

While SEO and Retargeting are working tremendously, we can’t forget the success of her Social Media campaign. Since signing with Firm Media, her Facebook audience has increased 105%, meaning she now has a larger audience to share her message of compassion and excellence in oral health. Lastly, since implementing her Email Campaign for Referring Doctors, she has seen an increase of site visits and contacts from other dental practices.