J. David Cross, DDS

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Production
  • Email Marketing

Showing Off An Exceptionally Trained Surgeon

Dr. David Cross (located in Springfield, IL) is one of the only periodontists in the country that specializes in microsurgery. This unique form of oral surgery – using microscopes and micro-instruments – allows him to perform procedures with more precision and control, ultimately providing his patients with unparalleled results. In addition to helping Springfield area residents with periodontal needs including scaling and root planing, crown lengthening, gum grafts, bone grafts and dental implants, Dr. Cross travels the world to train, study and stay current on advances in technology and periodontics that will greatly benefit his patients.


Dr. Cross had a strong practice and even a small website, but he realized he needed some additional marketing assistance to convert even more residents into patients. Specifically, Dr. Cross’s website was old, had very little content and was not responsive. Since Dr. Cross’ existing website had such little content overall, he wasn’t ranking in search engines, meaning it was hard for potential patients to even know his practice existed, unless they heard of it through word of mouth. In addition to no being found in search engines, Dr. Cross also had no other avenue to disseminate his expertise around microsurgery and dental implants.


Our first step was to make sure Dr. Cross had a site that accurately reflected who he was and what his practice strives for everyday with their patients. His practice is very modern and always implementing new technologies, so his website needed to showcase that.

With the site design, came a comprehensive content strategy in order to make sure that Dr. Cross ranked in search engines in his area for the main treatments he wants to be found for.


The result of the website design and development was a fully responsive site that educated hi potential patients on who he was and patients should choose him. With the amount of video content that is being consumed these days (compared to the amount of people who read), we decided that having surgical videos placed on interior pages would be the best bet to educate patients on who Dr. Cross was and his procedures.

Firm Media flew out to Springfield in order to shoot some procedure videos for Dr. Cross. The experience was an absolute delight and his videos came out fantastic. They do a great job of explaining to prospective patients and have been fully incorporated into the site. Currently, the videos are being played on the site at 9%.

Since launching Dr. Cross’ new site, traffic to the website is up 48% with a 57% increase in new users. This is largely due to the increased Organic Rankings Dr. Cross has. Currently, Dr. Cross ranks on page 1 for 80% of his core keywords (with most of those ranking nowhere when the old site was up and running).