Social Media for Business Orange County

Social Media for Business: Orange County Companies in a Variety of Industries Can Benefit from Online Relationships with Customers

One of Firm Media’s most valuable services for clients is social media for business. Orange County companies often want to know whether their industry lends itself to this type of marketing, however.

Here’s our experience: a creative and goal-oriented approach can help most companies enhance their sales and create a voice for their brand.

The variety of businesses Firm Media serves helps us stand out among social media companies. Orange County medical clinics, and manufacturing centers all partner with us. We also support restaurants, retailers, technology services, and business associations. As a result, we know how to make social media work for many types of organizations.

Changing the Purchase Decision

Often, the reason that companies question the benefits of social media for their industry is that their customers shop by specific criteria. Typically, this is price, and the lowest price wins.

Through Firm Media’s social media for business, Orange County companies can connect with customers on qualities that matter just as much as price. Customer service, reliability, and security all may be as important as being the lowest cost provider… if social media explains why those qualities are valuable.

Consider a paper company that approaches Firm Media for marketing support. In our discovery phase, we might learn that its customers care about the environmental impact that the paper company has in addition to the price it offers.

If we establish a platform for the paper company on Facebook, we can:

  • Explain why customers should weigh the environmental impact before making a purchase based solely on price.
  • Talk about all of the “green” benefits the paper company offers.
  • Share related content, like a video about a local high school’s recycling initiative or photographs of endangered rainforest wildlife.

As a result, social media allows the business to have a conversation about factors that can reframe the buying decision. Associating a brand with related content can get customers to view it in a completely new light.

Being in the Right Place for Your Customers

Social media isn’t just about knowing what to say. It’s also important to choose the right platforms for a company and its customers.

At Firm Media, our team gets to know the audience and the way in which the company wants to connect with it. Then, we identify the social networks that the audience uses and how the business can leverage them.

In part, this is important because businesses need a system that works for them. Social networks that rely on taking and sharing a lot of photographs may not be a fit for every company. Similarly, platforms that call for regular updates and interactions with customers may be too demanding for some companies.

Firm Media finds the right fit to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more about our work in social media; visit our local offices, call us at 888.465.5036, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.