Digital marketing has emerged from the days of basic websites into dynamic, multi-layered pages rich with visual and written content. When it comes to your professional practice, it’s as much about seeing as it is about reading. Producing short high-quality videos introduces you to potential clients and personalizes your services, instantly adding value to your patients online experience.

Production Planning

Firm Media starts by developing a strategy for your video based on your business objectives. Through a brainstorm session with your practice, we define how your story should unfold on-screen. Our production staff:

  • Develops a consistent brand message for the video.
  • Formulates a series of video sequences that best reflects your practice. 
  • Creates a story that compels potential clients to choose your professional practice. 

Typically, video includes testimonials from your patients, which adds social proof of your quality and influences potential patients to choose your practice for treatment.

Strategic Video Production

Firm Media videos use high-quality production values that retain the compelling brand message developed in the brainstorm session with our team. We take care of all phases of the process by:

  • Arranging day-of talent, equipment, and locations.
  • Incorporating audio, narration, graphics, and effects.
  • Editing the video so that it is succinct, direct, and compelling.

Clients are involved throughout the process and have final approval of the video. The end result is a polished high-quality video representing your practice and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Once created, your video sequences can be used to produce new material that is valuable for other forms of content creation.

Optimizing Production Value

After we complete your video, we use multi-channel marketing to convert viewers into potential clients. Your video is published to your website, social media, and other appropriate online channels to increase your digital reach and reputation. We use various digital marketing channels to:

  • connect videos to our search engine optimization program
  • match content to targeted keywords for your audience
  • enable sharing to direct viewers to your practice’s website
  • track performance with our established analytical methods.

As a data-driven digital marketing firm, we will explain and help you use the metrics to make informed decision on how to further grow your practice.

Please call (909) 395-3615 to learn more about our video production services for professional practices.