SEO for your Professional Practice

Often times when we partner with a professional practice for digital marketing, we are asked to perform a competitive analysis. This means checking out what your competitors are doing and seeing what seems to be successful, and what we want to avoid emulating.

This type of analysis can be a useful tool for any practice, but it is often done prematurely, or in comparison of the wrong competition. In other words, the info can be interesting, but the data may not be effective at all.

Offline Competitors

The offline competitors are the practices you feel directly compete with you in the market when it comes to size of practice, number of clients, brand awareness, etc. They are the practice you want to beat, or you want to keep from outgrowing you.

However, they may not be the practice to beat online.

Online Competition for your Professional Practice

Your most formidable online competition (the ones outranking you in the search engine results) may be local practices you feel offer sub-par service, have poor ethics, or simply aren’t as good as your practice.

Unfortunately, search engines do not have a way to factor this into their algorithm. While poor online reviews or articles can have some impact on the ranking of a practice, it will more likely be in branded searches for a practice name, not searches for which you are competing.

So how do you WIN?

Optimizing your website for search engines is not about getting ahead of someone else. If we look at it that way, we will consistently fall short of the goal because the approach is all wrong. Instead, we want to focus on the information on the site being the most useful to your target demographic.

Once we focus on your site information and usefulness improving over time, your site will naturally eclipse competitors who are not doing the same. But most importantly, when people find your site, they will be more likely to contact you.

A site can rank well and get a lot of traffic, but never see the practice’s calls and bookings increase. This is often because the practice has focused too much on tactics to rank well, instead of information and content for the website visitor.

The focus of all SEO and digital marketing efforts should be communicating who you are, what you do, and why a potential patient / client should choose your practice.

At Firm Media, we put this into practice throughout every part of your campaign; whether SEO, content, design, or social media.

So how do you win? Get more business than the other guys with a better strategy.

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