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BodyLase is a well-established luxury med spa with two locations in North Carolina. With a focus on providing exceptional beauty and wellness treatments, BodyLase sought the expertise of Firm Media to enhance their online presence and attract more clients to their business.

What Were The Results?

Increase In Impressions
of Targeted Keywords Rank on Page 1
Increase in New Patient Leads

Increased Overall Organic Visibility

Firm Media’s strategies resulted in an impressive nearly 23% increase in BodyLase’s impressions. This achievement allowed the med spa to reach a wider audience and generate more organic traffic to their website.

Targeted keywords achieved page 1 rankings 
Positions increase, equivalent to nearly 2 pages

Page 1 Rankings in Google

72% of the targeted keywords for BodyLase achieved page 1 rankings in Google, solidifying their online presence and ensuring higher visibility to potential clients actively searching for their services.

Improved Average Position

Firm Media’s efforts resulted in an average position increase of 17 positions, equivalent to nearly 2 pages, in search engine rankings. This significant improvement further boosted BodyLase’s visibility and increased their chances of attracting qualified leads.

Surge in New Patient Leads:

Since the launch of the campaign, BodyLase experienced a remarkable 135% increase in new patient lead volume.

Pay Per Click Success:

Firm Media’s 6-month pay-per-click campaigns focusing on CoolSculpting, Botox, Lip Fillers, and Laser Hair Removal delivered exceptional results.

They maintained an impressive cost per acquisition, outperforming the industry average
Additionally, BodyLase achieved a substantial return on ad spend, with nearly a 3:1 ratio

PPC Ad Spend

Ratio of return on ad spend

Improvement in speed to lead

Other Areas

Streamlined User Experience

A strategic focus was placed on improving the website’s user experience through streamlined navigation and intuitive design elements. The user experience was significantly improved by simplifying complex processes, enhancing visual clarity, and optimizing the website’s responsiveness across various devices.

Enhanced Practice Lead Intake

The campaign also led to a nearly 10% increase in conversions from contact to appointment for BodyLase. Utilizing AI-powered call recording, we’ve seen a 75% improvement in speed to lead, ensuring prompt and efficient handling of potential leads, resulting in more appointments and revenue for BodyLase.