Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Professional Practices

Social media marketing offers a one-to-one relationship between your professional practice and the people who benefit from your services. It also provides an immediate, personal, and emotional connection with your brand.

Firm Media uses social media to help your practice:

Reach new clients. Social media networks amplify your message. Firm Media creates and shares content that is followed and re-shared by others. Our targeted approach helps attract potential clients to your services.

Develop a community around existing clients. Firm Media can keep you in touch with existing clients by providing important resources, information, and opportunities. This is more than adding value to your services for clients; keeping connected helps protect your practice from a competitor’s influence.

Manage your online reputation. Social media is great for generating awareness about your practice, but it’s important to protect the impression people get about your work. Firm Media helps you demonstrate your expertise, respond to bad reviews and complaints, and reward client loyalty.

With every social media engagement, we establish metrics for success. Our process includes developing your editorial calendar; writing content for posts; and creating relationships across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. This system invites your participation and expertise as a professional practice.

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