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The Firm Media Difference

How often have you met with your medical marketing agency (if you’ve ever met with them) only to find them agreeing with all of your ideas? If all of your ideas are great and will work, why do you need a marketing agency? That is not how we operate at Firm Media. We’re not here to be “yes men”. We’re going to ask the questions that challenge the way you view digital marketing and your practice. While there are many agencies who can perform SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing well, there is no other agency that will dive as far down the rabbit hole as needed to find the answers to drive meaningful and lasting change.

Answers You Should Be Getting

With so much digital marketing jargon and acronyms, it can be extremely confusing what these terms mean and how they apply to your practice. If your agency isn’t:

  • telling you what your average CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is and how that affects your ROI
  • how each marketing medium assists in the patient’s journey
  • working with you to improve your receptionist’s sales techniques on the phone
  • assisting in developing lead follow up protocols
  • pushing you step out of your comfort zone

Then your agency is not helping your practice grow.

The Patient Journey

After extensive analysis, we have found that if your marketing can convey the right message at the right stage of the journey, the patients that contact you are MUCH more likely to convert to a consultation on the first contact. Think of your own experiences. Do you like having price pushed on you while you’re still in consideration stage? What about when you’re in the Action stage, but the rep is making it cumbersome to purchase? Having the right information at the right stage is critical and our proven tactics ensure your marketing message is delivered at the appropriate time, in the appropriate tone.

Why Firm Media?

  • Over a decade of experience in marketing plastic surgery
  • Former “Agency of the Year” by the American Advertising Federation (AAF)
  • Winner of over a dozen awards for custom website design and user experience
  • Responsible for managing over $1,000,000 of Google ad spend annually
  • Generated nearly 27% more organic search traffic for plastic surgery in 2019 vs 2018
  • Generated nearly 52% more relevant traffic for plastic surgery 2019 vs 2018
  • Specializing in custom website design, SEO, social media marketing, SEM, email marketing and more!

Wisconsin Institute of Plastic Surgery

“After researching multiple medical digital marketing groups, I chose Firm Media after my first phone conversation with them as I liked their fresh approach. In starting my plastic surgery practice, I had a vision for my brand, and they not only brought my vision to fruition through my website, but developed my brand in ways I never imagined. I have been so impressed with the team at Firm Media that not only have I used them for my website, but also for my branded collateral and digital marketing services. Most importantly, I have had so much fun working with the team and look forward to our continued partnership!”
Dr. Tina Sauerhammer


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Schoemann Plastic Surgery

“Having worked with three other website companies in the past I can say without a doubt that Firm Media is by far the best. Lots of companies can build a slick looking website but it means nothing if there is no support or honest guidance which Firm Media has down perfectly. Everyone that I have interacted with at Firm over the years has been nothing but knowledgeable and truthful and never used aggressive sales tactics like the other companies.”
Dr. Mark Schoemann


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