Internet video has become the cutting edge of any internet marketing program. I remember the day I was sitting in a Monday morning meeting and the topic of “Universal Search” was presented. One of the marketing consultants entered a popular keyword phrase and to my surprise, up popped a thumbnail of a video in the top 10 organic results in Google. You could almost hear the terror in everyone’s mind, “OH NO! We have less organic positions to work with for our SEO clients.” I have to be honest, I was even tempted to follow that line of logic. But as I always say, problems are just opportunities in disguise; change always benefits somebody, I just needed to figure out what the benefit is and get in front of it.

The Universal Search Test

It was early 2007 and Google was introducing “Universal Search,” a search platform that would show search results for blended listings from its news, video, local and book search engines along with those it collected from crawling web pages. Once I did a little research, it was clear to me just how my clients would soon benefit from this.

About a week later I was visiting a client of mine in Plano Texas (just outside of Dallas) when the subject of internet video came up. I told the client that if he has a short video I could use I was pretty certain I could get it to rank in the search engines; and was certain that being located in Plano would make this possible. This niche area was not too densely populated for search competition at the time. To my surprise the client had a perfect 1 -2 minute promotional video that I could use as a beta test for this project. I took this video back to Los Angeles and had it edited and submitted to the various video platforms (You Tube, Meta Café, Revver…) with the appropriate support content, title and tags. I KNEW IT! Within 3 weeks the video was on page 1 of Google for the phrase “Tummy Tuck Plano.” To me this was the birth of true SEM (search engine marketing) at least in my world. For the record last I checked this video still sits on page 1, along with a few other videos that we later produced and submitted.


Answering “the Question” with Internet Commercials

With that knowledge, I just needed the team to do it and in the true spirit of “my life” things started to unfold right before me. I have a basic life philosophy that says, “Just keep stepping, the answers will come.” Most people who know me are amazed by how often this unfolds in my life. My very next business trip I was sitting next to a gentleman that played video games on his cell phone the whole trip. I was tired and did not feel much like talking so I kept to myself most of the time. The gentlemen sitting next to me got up to use the restroom several times and when he did he place a mid-size tote bag on his seat. I kept wondering what was in the bag, the suspense was killing me, I had to ask him what it was. He replied, “A camera.” I asked, “A video camera?” He said,”Yes, I am a director flying back to Los Angeles after filming a motivational speech in Austin, TX.” The rest is history. I started traveling all over with this young man shooting and perfecting the art of what we now call Internet Commercials.

The single most important thing I have learned over the last several years about internet video marketing is to make sure you answer “the question.” We have a philosophy here at Firm Media (I know, we have lots of them so get used to it), when people Google something they are most likely asking a question. Internet video is a fantastic medium to make sure that we do our best to answer that question.

The following is an example of our work for the Mexican food chain we represent in Southern California, Pancho Villa’s. I believe this video does a fantastic job at answering the question: What’s so special about Pancho Villa’s? I have shown this video to potential clients of mine and had several people in the room say “let’s go there” or “I want to have my birthday party there.” That feels really good to me, to know that we produced a video that compels people to want to experience more.

Internet video is a fantastic way to help searchers experience you and/or your products Combined with Universal Search internet video can make sure you are seen. For more information about how video fits into what we call a full-service internet marketing package please read my earlier post titled The Firm Media Six-Step Strategic Approach to Internet Marketing.

Christopher Suchanek is a founding partner of Firm Media and oversees all sales and marketing.

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