So, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Facebook over the past few weeks. It’s true; the platform has unveiled some serious changes that will impact brand pages and shift the way marketing objectives are accomplished within the site. Getting your brand ready for Facebook’s Timeline might seem daunting… but we see it as an opportunity. Our Social Media department is working hard to keep our clients up to date. Here are some of the most important things you need to know:

  1. 1. Updated Look – Cover Photo and Profile Image –

Similar to personal profiles, brand pages will now utilize a large “cover photo” at the top of the page. The remainder of the page is split into two main halves by a line that represents the passage of time. Brands can make use of this Timeline to communicate “milestones” such as product launches, store openings, etc. These milestones present a critical opportunity to educate, inform, and humanize the brand. The addition of new milestones to the timeline can serve as points of conversation and fan engagement. Profile image size has also changed to 180 x 180 pixels. This picture is best used for your logo without too many words. A 30 pixel by 30 pixel version of this picture will appear next to every post in the news feed.

  1. 2. Reduced Tab Visibility –

Before, brand pages included a customize list of tabs on the left side of the profile. Due to the new format and width of Timeline, brands are limited to 3 “apps” or, rectangular tabs below the “cover photo.” To access more tabs, users must expand the tab panel by clicking a drop-down box.

This means that the 3 tabs can be strategically chosen for their content and relevance. Conveniently, the “top tabs” are switchable so brands can change and highlight different content at different times.

  1. 3. No Default Landing Page –

With the new Timeline format, brands will not be able to set default landing pages. Until now, this has been the primary mechanism through which brands controlled the first impression they gave to viewers. A solution for this issue is the ability to highlight, or “pin,” posts. See below:

  1. 4. New Ways to Highlight Content – Highlights, Pinning Posts –

To help brands tell stories, the pictures and videos are now larger and more eye-catching. Brands can “highlight” certain posts by simply clicking a star icon in the upper right corner of the post itself. You can also “pin” the post to the top of your page for up to a week.

  1. 5. Private Messages Between Brands and Users –

Brands are now able to directly message individual users. Before now, Brands relied on interactions with particular fans on the “wall” for all to see. Now, customer and client inquiries can be managed more respectfully in a private message.

Firm Media works around the clock to discover and expose the latest changes to Social Media platforms for our clients. We keep you up to date so you can continue to do what you do best… run your business!