What are key phrases? Why do I need them?

Key phrases are the words or phrases that most succinctly describe your business and website; when entered into a search engine will point clients and customers to your site. For instance, if you were the manager for a large apartment complex in Los Angeles, a key phrase for your website might be “apartments Los Angeles.”

Finding the correct keywords to associate with your website can be difficult if the terms you readily think of do not correlate with the terms your customers are using to find you.

Keyword research helps to identify what phrases are most likely to be used in your field so that you may shape your web message to incorporate these terms.

Find more info about keywords on our services page for Search Engine Optimization.

Should I have a flash animated section on the home page of my website?

The term “flash” refers to animation or interactive elements in websites. These elements can add interest to your website’s design, but they can also delay the speed at which your website loads and are not SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

Rather than overloading your site with larger flash elements (which are termed “splash pages” and may annoy rather than entertain) we recommend that you use smaller flash elements selectively, to improve the look of your website.

What is link building? Why do I want to do this?

Link building is the process of having your website pointed to by other quality websites. We can help you attract quality links by designing your site in a manner that is thoughtful and purposeful. Link building is an important part of search engine marketing; however, be weary of “link farming,” which is the practice of linking your website to third-party sites that present little or no value to the viewer. While this practice can be rampant, it is frowned upon by search engine administrations.

Does Search Engine Optimization really work?

Yes, Search Engine Optimization does work – if done properly, it can help drive more traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is a component of Search Engine Marketing and if executed effectively, improves your website’s visibility to search engines.

How do I get to #1 in a top search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing)?

These is no guarantee that anyone will get the #1 spot in a search engine; and be weary of anyone who promises you that they can get you there.

Having said that, there are certain practices that Firm Media can implement to help your website gain visibility – these practices include

  • doing Search Engine Optimization
  • having your website listed in quality directories
  • using quality inbound linking
  • creating and maintaining a blog
  • regularly adding articles to your website
  • utilizing internet videos

Thanks to Universal Search, doing all of these properly will help you obtain the best possible ranking.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses email as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience. In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing as it is being employed to promote your website.

Email marketing gives you the ability to distribute key information to a wide range of potential and current customers at a relatively low cost.

Why should I do a newsletter? Won’t they just spam-block me?

Newsletters are a great way to regularly update a large number of people with useful information. A newsletter can help you keep in touch with your customers and can be a vital tool in website promotion.

Because newsletters are only sent to people who have agreed to receive them, they do not typically get blocked.

What are directories? Why do I want to be in one?

Directories, one aspect of Search Engine Marketing, are web-based applications that catalogue websites by subject and then publish this list of sites based on perceived categories. Directories are maintained by editors who add and remove links based on policies particular to that directory.