“I tried to go to that site you told me about on my smart TV and it was a mess!”

“Yeah, I checked it out on my iPhone 6 while I was waiting for my mocha. It wouldn’t even load.”

People are looking at your website on a myriad of devices these days, and statements like these are sure to become more common.

We are all aware of the increase of smart phone and tablet use. Over 20% of Google searches are now performed on mobile devices. And that number is sure to rise.

Facebook alone likely accounts for a large number of mobile website views. All of those mobile users are clicking like mad on links to videos and possibly your website. You want that website to look awesome when they get there.

The screen sizes of the Internet Enabled Devices out there are getting both larger and smaller everyday. Everyone has different technical likes and needs that suit their personality. These likes and needs lead to an ever expanding list of screen sizes that your website needs to look great on.

At times it’s enough to make an unseasoned coder throw in the towel. So, how can you keep up with all of these devices?

The answer is responsive web design.


It used to be that you’d have to build a separate website for every device. But with advances in coding technology, that’s not necessary anymore. With responsive web design, we can create a site for you that will look at the screen size of the device and then adjust itself accordingly.

And it won’t just adjust the website size. It will cue the site to turn on or off certain elements that will play better with the device it’s being viewed on. This way your clients get the best experience possible with whatever device they are using.

This is huge for your business.

61% of people say that they have a better opinion of a brand if that company has a good mobile experience. The same could be said of any device. You want your site to look good everywhere. And that’s easy to achieve with responsive web design.

The Internet is sneaking into all areas of our lives. But with responsive web design, you’ll be ready for whatever lies ahead.

To learn more about how responsive website design can work for you call the team at Firm Media. (909) 395-3615.

By firmmedia
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