Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retargeting

Showcasing Exceptional Patient Care

Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center is located in Monroe, NC and provides oral surgery as well as cosmetic services to everyone in the greater Charlotte area. Headed by Dr. Steven Patty, Union Oral Surgery prides itself on not only providing the best quality dental care available, but also making patients as comfortable as possible. Union Oral Surgery strives to make every patient feel like a member of their own family.


When we first met with Union Oral Surgery, we could tell right away that their digital presence did not accurately reflect who they were. While they had a website that was functional and somewhat responsive, the presentation of the content and images did not fit with who they are. One thing that Union Oral Surgery wanted was new patient inquiries, but they did not have a contact form on the site to allow users to ask any questions.

Being very active on Social Media with the charities and causes they work with, Dr. Patty and his team had built a strong base for Social Media. With a decent number of followers on Facebook, the posts were reaching a good amount of people, but Union Oral Surgery did not have the time to advertise and market themselves on Facebook.

While the content on the existing website had great information for patients, it was bit short for the Search Engines and there were some key selling points about the practice that were not included.


First, a new website had to be designed and developed. Through the design process, we were able to not only focus on core competencies of the oral surgery side of the practice, but also integrate the cosmetic side. It was a goal of Union Oral Surgery to have more patients asking them about treatments such as BOTOX® and dermal fillers. The result is a beautiful, fully responsive website that showcases the quality of the doctors in the practice, their commitment to patient care and education, and provides an area for fun and interesting blog posts (Helen’s Blog).

With the new website complete, it was time to drive as much traffic as possible to the site. This included a comprehensive SEO audit and content implementation strategy. Through content interviews, we were able to really highlight what the practice stood for, as well as having enough quality content to rank in the Search Engines. During the site’s development, our Social Media team was aggressively trying to grow Union Oral Surgery’s Facebook audience. They knew that with the quality content already on the Facebook page, the new content on the site, and client involvement, the Social Media campaign would be a driving force in terms of traffic and conversions on the website.

Finally, since we were driving all new traffic and visitors to the website, we wanted to make sure that if someone didn’t convert on their first visit, they were reminded about Union Oral Surgery periodically in an effort to bring them back to the site to convert. That is when the Retargeting campaign was implemented.


Since launching Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center’s new website, we have seen some pretty amazing results. First, sessions to the website have increased 25% with new, unique users up 28%. Since a goal of the website was to have prospective patients view as many pages as possible to really understand what Union oral strives for, we’re happy to report that pageviews since launch are up 18% with a session duration increase of over 3%.

Another major goal of the website was to have a form on the site for patients to ask questions. Since the form did not exist on the old site there is no comparison data available, but the form has turned into the #1 converting tool. Although they didn’t have a form, they did have a phone number and since the old site was somewhat responsive, we were able to track people clicking to call from a mobile device. Since launching the new site, people clicking to call from mobile devices is up 40% (largely due to the new design) and the overall site is now converting at over 4%.

Once we learned their core procedures and keywords, we realized that they already ranked very well in their market for some of those phrases. So, another goal of the website development and SEO campaign was to make sure that we did not lose any positions when we launched. After launch, we evaluated where the keywords stood in the major Search Engines and found that we had accomplished our first SEO goal of not losing any ground in the Search Engines. Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center ranks on Page 1 of Google for 62% of its phrases, with 70% of those phrases in the first 5 positions. Organic traffic to the site is up 22%, with an increased conversion rate of 133%.

As mentioned above, Union Oral Surgery was already doing great on Facebook and we really just needed to get a bigger audience for them. Since signing with Firm Media, Union Oral Surgery’s Facebook Page Likes have increased an astounding 191%! This increase, as well as strategic campaign planning around oral and cosmetic services, has allowed Union oral Surgery to reach a broader audience with their message of compassion and quality. Through the Social Media campaign, Facebook traffic to the website has increased 69%.

Lastly, once the new direction for the campaign was determined, we immediately implemented a Retargeting campaign based on the new branding. The result was a beautiful set of ads that are continually driving returning visitors back to the website. The ads have over 143,000 impressions since launching the new website, with the practice reporting they keep hearing about the ads from patients during their visit.