“We thought we were doing a pretty good job with our website and social media and were nervous about handing over our digital identity. But, Firm Media has completely exceeded our expectations in terms of what we thought was possible. We are very thankful for their efforts and taking this huge task off our plate. They are always on top of things, easy to communicate with and proactive.”

Dr. Michael Chan, Firm Media Client Since 2014

SF Oral Surgery is located in San Francisco and has been a Firm Media client since 2014. Ever since day one, SF Oral Surgery has been utilizing Firm Media’s SEO services to consistently generate new patient leads every year. This was no different in 2020, even given its challenges.

What were the results?

When comparing 2020 vs. 2019, SF Oral Surgery saw a 26.51% increase in sessions and a 27.43% increase in users. With regards to Organic Search, they saw a 43.48% increase in traffic from search engines. This 43.48% increase in Organic Traffic resulted in an 87.82% increase in new patient leads.

Increase In Sessions
Increase In Traffic From Search Engines
Increase In New Patient Leads

How did they get such a large increase in traffic and leads?

The answer is simple. Because SF Oral Surgery utilized Firm Media’s SEO services for years, they were already ranking in the top spots for core keywords and secondary keywords. Not only that, but the website went through a conversion-focused redesign at the tail end of 2019. As the country began to reopen in 2020, patients became more comfortable with scheduling surgeries, and search volume skyrocketed. Because of the redesign and great rankings, SF Oral Surgery was poised and ready to handle the incoming volume of new patients.


Take, for example, their Wisdom Teeth Removal page statistics in 2020:

  • Pageviews increased 26.29% 
  • Bounce rate decreased 24.14%
  • Avg. time on page increased 157.49%
  • On page conversion rate increased 167.25%
  • On page conversions increased 237.50%
Increase In Page Views
Increase Average Time On Page
Increase On Page Conversion Rate

The increase in pageviews is from better positions within the search engines. The decrease in bounce rate and increase in time on page, conversions and conversion rate all signify that the changes made during their website redesign are making it easier for patients to convert for their main services.

One thing we know about SF Oral Surgery is the job is never done, and we look forward to continuing to help their practice grow and thrive!

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