Rose Cosmetic Surgery Center

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Photo Editing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Dr. Rose’s website was an award winning site at the American Advertising Awards by the American Advertising Federation.

An Exceptional Design for an Exceptional Surgeon

Keith Rose, MD is a plastic surgeon located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dr. Rose is not your ordinary plastic surgeon. While many surgeons do outreach work, Dr. Rose goes above and beyond. His Team 5 Foundation has helped people who needed surgical assistance across the entire globe, including: Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia and many other countries. His passion is to extend necessary surgical care to people in the most remote areas of the world.


Dr. Rose was working off a template for his website and it did not reflect the quality his practice strives for each and every day. On top of the template design, Dr. Rose had thin content on his most important procedure pages and was also missing some other key procedures on his website. This hindered his ability to rank in the search engines. Dr. Rose also had a tremendous amount of before and after photos, but most were not cohesive with each other (different lighting, angles, photo quality, etc…).

Lastly, while Dr. Rose had a Facebook page, the engagement was extremely low and there weren’t many fans of the page. Having a low audience on social media and not engaging in email marketing, made it difficult for the practice to get their specials and messages out to prospective patients as well as existing patients.


When Dr. Rose signed with us, we knew we had to go above and beyond with his website to accurately reflect him and his practice. The first step was to create a cohesive brand for Dr. Rose. Once the branding was decided upon, our design team created a stunning website aimed at “WOW-ing” visitors as well as bringing in new patients to the practice in his target market.

To engage the audience even more, we decided to use 3D animations on his core procedure pages to help educate his prospective patients. Lastly, custom sidebars were created to make an easy and seamless user experience. Once the site was built, our design team also took all of Dr. Rose’s before and after photos and edited them so that they are consistent in terms of color and photo quality.

To get their specials and messages out to their audience, Rose Cosmetic Surgery Center employed us to handle their Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing. We’ve worked very closely with Dr. Rose to ensure that everything that is posted is quality content and getting out in a timely manner.


Since launching Dr. Rose’s redesigned website, every metric has skyrocketed! His positions in Google have increased a tremendous amount. For his main keywords, he was not even ranking in Google. Now, 58% of his keywords have page 1 ranking and the other 42% are ranking on page 2 (and are still trending upwards). This increase in positions has made Google’s Organic Search his #1 source of conversions on his website (as compared to Direct traffic before the launch). Users really enjoy visiting this website judging by the above average metrics such as time on site, bounce rate, pages per session and conversion rate.

With an active social media and email marketing campaign, Dr. Rose has been able to get his information out much quicker and more efficiently, not only to existing patients, but also new, prospective patients. Since signing with us, Likes of his Facebook page have increased 88.74%. This increase in new Likes as well as new newsletter signups ensures Dr. Rose is reaching all of his patients.