Robert Frank, MD

“Firm Media has brought our web profile to a new level. Their sites are attractive and their work presents my practice in a welcoming and informative fashion.” – Robert Frank, MD

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Branding

Taking Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Robert Frank, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon in located in Munster, Indiana. His practice is focused on cosmetic surgeries and more specifically, cosmetic surgeries relating to breasts. As an innovator in his field, Dr. Frank has even contributed several techniques to improve patient outcomes in plastic surgery. Dr. Frank even is a patent holder of two separate medical devices (US 2008/0154366 A1 and 7,476,249 B2), which help improve results for breast lifts and breast revision surgeries.


Dr. Frank came to Firm Media seeking an improved web design. The quality of the website did not reflect what Dr. Frank strives for everyday in his practice. The website converted new patients at a decent rate, but Dr. Frank felt that the website could do a lot more for him, especially on mobile devices (his website was not responsive). Not only did his website not reflect what he strives for, but his branding across the Internet was disjointed.

Another challenge for Dr. Frank was that he could not get past page 2 of Google search results. He had quality content on his site and across the Internet, but whatever he did, he could not make it to page 1. In addition to Google, Dr. Frank also had very poor positions in Yahoo & Bing. The final challenge Dr. Frank faced was how to stay in front of his audience, both new patients and returning patients.


After meeting with Dr. Frank and learning more about him and his practice, Firm Media had a clear idea of what we needed to do to position Dr. Frank as the expert he is as well as make sure his website reflected what was happening in the practice. Our Design department had the perfect idea for Dr. Frank’s new homepage: a video background. We knew that incorporating video into his website and making sure it was responsive would enhance the user’s experience and get Dr. Frank more consultation requests. The video was chosen based on Dr. Frank’s patient demographics.

Not only did our Design team enhance the homepage to be more engaging, but we also strived to make his interior pages much more conversion friendly. One such way we achieved this was with video animations of each procedure on the appropriate procedure page. These help to educate patients about each procedure and can provide much more engaging content than text alone. Along with a contact form that really stands out and specific sidebar images that help the patient get all of the information they need about a procedure, the interior pages were designed to be high converting landing pages with all of the information a patient would need.

Dr. Frank also enlisted Firm Media to write all new content for the website that was engaging to the user, but could also push his search engine rankings up to where they need to be. Lastly, to help stay in front of his audience, we developed a custom email campaign designed around his special offers and interesting news and events that is happening in the practice.


Since launching Dr. Frank’s new website, he has received 79% more contacts than he had ever seen before. As we said above, Dr. Frank’s old website did convert users at a decent rate (8%), but since launching his new site, Dr. Frank’s conversion rate skyrocketed to an amazing 17%. Not only did his conversion rate skyrocket, but his conversions from Google also increased by 10%.

The increase in contacts from Google is a direct result of the SEO work that Firm Media implemented. Once the site launched, our SEO work was able to push 85% of Dr. Frank’s keywords onto page 1 of Google. Also, since Dr. Frank virtually was nowhere in Yahoo & Bing, he is now ranking page 1 for 75% of his keywords in Yahoo and 70% of his keywords in Bing. With the improved positions in Yahoo & Bing, conversions from yahoo increased 260% and conversions from Bing increased 100%.

With a custom email campaign, Dr. Frank was able to strategically promote his special, news and events to his former, current and potentially new patients. His email campaign is currently converting patients to contact Dr. Frank at 17%.

Lastly, to combat the disjointed brand perception across social media sites, Firm Media designed appropriate branding for all of his channels so that no matter where a patient is researching Dr. Frank, the brand image is consistent.