Renee Comizio, MD

“I first met the Firm Media team while shopping for a media company while at ASPS 2015. Although I met with several groups, Firm Media stood out with their designs and personability. They listened to my vision throughout the process and somehow matched exactly what I was looking to achieve. I love that my website does not appear like they merely populated some template for all plastic surgeons. The creative team was outstanding. I would highly recommend the Firm Media team without any reservations. – Renee Comizio, MD

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing

Presenting a Woman’s Touch in All Areas of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Renee Comizio is a female, board-certified plastic surgeon in Morristown, New Jersey. Her practice is mainly focused on breast reconstruction following mastectomies. Dr. Comizio’s goal is to make sure everyone who comes in for a consultation is given honest and ethical answers to their questions so they can make the best decision for them regarding any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Comizio came to Firm Media with a website that did not truly reflect the level of skill or personal connection she shares with her patients. The website was “cookie-cutter” and did not do enough to show Dr. Comizio’s dedication to beautiful outcomes and patient care. Her website produced decent behavioral statistics, but there was no way of knowing if people were converting on the site or how to improve the site to get even more conversions. In addition to the “cookie-cutter” website, Dr. Comizio was nowhere to be found in search results for her most popular procedures.


The main thing we wanted to achieve was to show potential patients how caring and dedicated Dr. Comizio is. Our first step was to redesign her entire website in a responsive format. Her current site did not appeal to mobile users, so we knew that adding the responsive elements to the site would help with conversions. Being a female plastic surgeon and targeting a mainly female demographic, we wanted to create a very feminine site. Firm Media added a video background to the new site to show a woman being confident and comfortable in her body.

Dr. Comizio did not want to showcase before and after photos on her website (as she shows them to patients during their consultations), so we had to come up with another way to show her results. We decided to shoot 4 patient testimonial videos to show how caring Dr. Comizio is and how great the outcomes of her surgeries are.

Since she wasn’t ranking in search engines, Dr. Comizio enlisted us to write all new content for her site that was search engine friendly, but at the same time, user friendly and written in a way that positions Dr. Comizio as the expert she is. In addition to writing content, building a new site and shooting videos, Dr. Comizio also enlisted Firm Media to handle all of her social media marketing to ensure her voice and broadcast was accurate across the Internet.


With the redesigned responsive site now live, Dr. Comizio’s digital presence has never been better. She has seen a 6.92% increase in traffic to the website with users now spending 32.01% longer on the site. One of the challenges listed above was that Dr. Comizio did not know how well her site was converting. With our analytics tracking, we now know that her website has a conversion rate of 6% and 61.40% of her conversions come from search engines. With the redesigned website and all new content on the site, we can happily say that Dr. Comizio is now ranking on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing for core marketed keywords.

In order to further her message of caring for patients and providing the best treatment possible, our social media team has worked with Dr. Comizio to accurately portray in her the light she wants to be perceived on social media. One of the main ways we achieved this was to share her patient’s testimonial videos throughout all of her social media channels. These videos (on average) have reached more people on Facebook than the amount of people who even like her page (4.97% more people to be exact). In addition to reaching more people with the videos, we were able to grow Dr. Comizio’s page likes by 121% through strategic targeting.