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Redefining A Strong Digital Campaign

Redondo Beach Dental Group is located in Redondo Beach, CA and is headed by the very talented, Fred Stalley, DDS. Dr. Stalley and his entire team are dedicated to providing the most cutting edge care in dentistry available. They regularly implement the latest in dental technology saving the patient time, pain and money. Redondo Beach Dental Group consists of two additional doctors, Dr. Pino and Dr. May, allowing them to provide a wide range of dental services for the entire family. Their mission is to give back to their patients, as well as the community.


When we first met with Redondo Beach Dental Group, they already had a fairly strong campaign running with another agency. The website looked decent and was functional, there was social activity and they were running an AdWords campaign for Dr. Stalley and Redondo Beach Dental Group. Being as unique and caring as Redondo Beach Dental Group is, Dr. Stalley knew that their campaigns should be performing at a higher level and wanted to find an agency that would be much more transparent about marketing with him.

Redondo Beach Dental Group also did not have a clear picture of where they were ranking in the 3 major search engines. They felt that they ranked well, but without the necessary data, they were not 100% sure, so they enlisted our SEO services to ensure they had strong rankings for their core procedures.


After multiple meetings with Dr. Stalley and his team, Firm Media jumped into action by developing a custom campaign designed to fit the practice. First, since Redondo Beach Dental Group is always implementing new technology, Firm Media decided that the existing site did not portray a feeling of technological advances and forward thinking. We redesigned their website to showcase their videos featuring the technologies they use in the office and made the navigation much simpler with clear calls to action. These improvements to the site have positioned Redondo Beach Dental Group as the technological leader in their area.

While the site was being designed and developed, our Social team was already hard at work with Dr. Stalley and his team to showcase their technology and put a heavy emphasis on the community work they perform. Social Media’s goal was to position Dr. Stalley and the entire Redondo Beach Dental Group team as experts in their field, with a dedication to providing the utmost dental care available.

Further into the campaign, Dr. Stalley decided to have Firm Media run his AdWords and Yelp campaigns. They had been working with a major agency, which produced some good results, but he was concerned about their lack of transparency and wasn’t sure what they were targeting and why budgets kept rising every month.


Since launching Redondo Beach Dental Group’s new website, sessions to the website have increased 126% with new users up 102%. Not only are more people coming to the site, but they are also spending more time on the site (a 56% increase), visiting more pages (a 26% increase) and not bouncing off the site as much (a 23% decrease). These behavioral stat increases (and decreases in the case of the bounce rate) help prove that patients are now much more interested in the site and what Redondo Beach Dental Group has to offer.

With regards to Organic rankings and traffic, since launching the new website, Organic traffic is up a staggering 235% (with the conversion rate jumping up 59%). When we implemented the new SEO campaign and tracking, we were able to show Dr. Stalley and his team exactly where they were ranking for core keywords. They were surprised to see that they were not ranking as well as they thought. Now, 78% of their core procedures are ranking Page 1 in Google, with 100% of those phrases being within the first 4 positions. This large increase in rankings has produced not only more traffic, but more quality conversions.

As we have gotten to learn more about Redondo Beach Dental Group, our Social team has taken their campaign to another level. While they had a decent amount of Page Likes on Facebook, we knew that it was not nearly enough for them to accurately broadcast their message of quality and community service. Since signing with Firm Media, Redondo Beach Dental Group’s fan base on Facebook has skyrocketed 290%, with engagement on posts and ads increasing substantially. As we reach a greater number of people through Social media, more people are able to see what Redondo Beach Dental Group strives for on a daily basis.

Lastly, we knew that Facebook engagement wasn’t necessarily the only thing that could be accomplished with Social Media. Once the new site went live, we knew that it could showcase the technology and quality provided by Redondo Beach Dental Group much better than Facebook could alone, meaning a new goal of the campaign was to send as much traffic to the site as possible. Since launching the new website, Facebook traffic has increased 20%.

The final thing that Dr. Stalley and his team asked us to take on later in the campaign, was their paid advertising. As we said above, Dr. Stalley was looking for much more transparent information about what was happening with his marketing dollars. Firm Media strives to be as transparent as possible, so it was the next logical step for Dr. Stalley.

First, we had to ensure that what was running well would not slow down once we took over. Strategic analysis of every AdWords campaign was rigorously implemented to make sure nothing was missed and only the highest converting campaigns, ad group and keywords were implemented into the new campaign. Since switching to Firm Media, Redondo Beach Dental Group’s AdWords campaign is converting at 9.30% across all campaigns with a cost per acquisition of $51.81. Not only did Dr. Stalley entrust us with his AdWords campaign, but he also entrusted us with his Yelp campaign which is one of their highest converting marketing channels (due to the amazing service they provide in turn resulting in some incredible reviews).