Meridian Plastic Surgery Center

Services Provided

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development

Matching the Online Experience to the Patient Experience

Meridian Plastic Surgery Center creates personalized treatment plans and uses advanced medical techniques to help patients achieve attractive, natural-looking change. The practice’s procedures focus on the face, breast, and body, supporting patients throughout the Austin area.


Meridian wanted its website experience to reflect its services and facilities: modern, efficient, and inviting. Its aim was to update the look, feel, and content of the site without losing its brand identity. In addition, Meridian needed site visitors to be able to view past patient successes and to learn about procedures more easily. The site also did not have a clear navigation structure for users.


Firm Media restructured, redesigned, rewrote, and search engine optimized the Meridian website. We also implemented a “sticky nav,” which keeps the navigational menu at the top of the screen even as a visitor scrolls. These steps make procedures easier to navigate and explore. Firm Media also created a responsive design that encourages visitors to access the site from mobile devices. A more scannable and attractive photo gallery completed our work; it simplifies the process of reviewing past procedures, encouraging site visitors to become new patients.

While Meridian Plastic Surgery Center had good visibility across their social media channels, there was not a lot of interaction on the content they were posting. Through strategic planning and testing, interaction on their content has increased dramatically. Their Facebook page LIKES has increased by 391%, resulting in a larger audience to broadcast their message too.

The final thing Firm Media wanted to do was drive even more traffic to the site through Display Advertising. Meridian is well known in the Austin area, but Firm Media wanted to reach that audience that had not yet heard of Meridian. To accomplish this, Firm Media created display ads that show match the branding of the website and Meridian’s expertise. Through strategic targeting methods, Display Advertising has become the 3rd largest portion of traffic to the site.