Lavinia K. Chong, MD

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Photo Editing

Showcasing A Cutting Edge Practice Online

Dr. Lavinia Chong is a second generation, Newport Beach, California plastic surgeon. Having trained underneath her late father, Dr. J. Kenneth Chong, Dr. Lavinia Chong has provided high-quality plastic surgery services in the Orange County, California area for 20 years. In addition to performing plastic surgery in Newport Beach, Dr. Lavinia Chong also serves on the Orange County Medical Association Ethics Committee.


When Dr. Lavinia Chong reached out to Firm Media, she had an existing website and microsite, that she was not too happy with, which focused on her skill and expertise in performing mommy makeovers. While she had these assets already available, Dr. Lavinia Chong wasn’t pleased with the branding that had been created for her by a prior marketing firm. She wanted to blend together the gold, black and white colors of her practice website with the beachy feel of her mommy makeover microsite. While she did have two websites, they were not responsive and not very easy to navigate for patients. There was no clear conversion path created on the website and hence, the website was lacking in terms of generating leads. Also, to promote her most profitable procedures, she wanted to brand herself as a leading provider of tummy tucks, breast augmentations and mommy makeovers in the Newport Beach area by showcasing those procedures in critical areas of the site.


Firm Media began the redesign process by first talking to Dr. Chong about what she liked and didn’t like about her existing site. From there, we had a clear picture of not only how to create a more conversion-friendly site, but also position Dr. Chong as a leading plastic surgeon in her area. The first step was to show her prospective patients that she was the plastic surgeon to come to in Newport Beach. We implemented a video background of the beach so that patients can easily identify with her and trust that they were going to someone who understood the Newport Beach area. Once that was decided upon, the rest of the design went flawlessly. Dr. Chong was very active in the site design process giving critical feedback at every point and between the two of us, the resulting website turned into a thing of beauty. And of course, with all of our websites, we created a responsive design that was easy to navigate on mobile devices (her primary source of traffic).