Laser Nail Centers

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

From crunch time to conversion-friendly in a jiffy.

Laser Nail Centers is a regional directory for foot and hand doctors. Together with ReachLocal, one of the most successful search engine advertising and Internet marketing consultant firms in the U.S., Laser Nail Centers was gearing up to launch a massive pay per click (PPC) campaign. However, ReachLocal pointed out that if Laser Nail Centers was going to be making a large investment in driving traffic to their website, there ought to be something engaging and compelling once visitors got there. Before they moved forward on the PPC campaign, they strongly recommended that Laser Nail Centers enlist a professional firm to redesign and rebrand their website. ReachLocal thought we’d be the perfect ones for the job.


We helped Laser Nail Centers completely redesign their website and create a cohesive, memorable brand that conveyed professionalism and authority to their visitors. Our goal was to help Laser Nail Centers get more bang for their buck from their PPC campaign by creating an inviting, conversion-friendly website that would encourage visitors to stay once they arrived from a paid advertisement.

Another part of the challenge was that Laser Nail Centers needed to get indexed fast. They were anxious to launch the next phase in their marketing strategy and everything was waiting on them getting listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines. To this end, we helped them structure their website for quick indexing and got it listed in all the right directories to ensure that it caught the eye of search engine spiders sooner, rather than later, so Laser Nail Centers could get their campaign rolling as soon as possible. We’re happy to report that Laser Nail Centers now has a well-branded, aesthetically-pleasing website and that their traffic has doubled within the first three months of our campaign.