KRK Implant Center

Services Provided

  • Website Design and Development
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development

Attracting New Patients with a Website Relaunch

Dr. Kenneth Krueger is a specialist in periodontal disease, oral cosmetics, and dental implants. His practice, KRK Implant Center, supports patients in San Antonio with procedures aimed at improving smiles and preserving health.


KRK Implant Center’s original website did not properly reflect the quality of the practice’s services. The structure and content on some pages were difficult to follow, and the website did not offer a clear and accessible way for people to become new patients. The website was also not responsive or mobile friendly.


Firm Media improved the visual impact of the website with a complete redesign, including a new logo. To maintain the practice’s brand identity, the designs use KRK Implant Center’s established color scheme. Firm Media also restructured and rewrote the website’s content for clarity, ease of navigation, and search engine optimization. We also implemented a contact form on each page of the site to make it easier for visitors to become new patients. To bring visitors back to the site who had not converted, Firm Media also created a series of retargeting ads based on the new website design.

KRK Implant Center did not have a strong social media presence when they signed with Firm Media. To counteract this, Firm Media created social media profiles that are brand consistent and drive traffic to the site.


Form submissions and organic search results have risen significantly since the relaunch of KRK Implant Center’s website. With the rise of their organic search listings, traffic to the site has increased by 405%. Since KRK Implant Center has been with Firm Media, the LIKES of their Facebook page have increased by 497%.