Jay W. Granzow, MD (Manhattan Beach Plastic Surgery)

“This is not your old website company. With our old company we felt they were strong with their pitch but didn’t follow through when it came to actually doing the work. In contrast, Firm Media spent significant time to understand my practice to develop not only a new website but also an overall marketing strategy. They have focused on a strategy specific to our needs and adjusted as needed. The results have been great and we would highly recommend Firm Media to other doctors.” – Jay W. Granzow, MD

Services Provided:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Call Tracking

About Dr. Granzow

Dr. Granzow is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Not only does he focus on plastic surgery, but he is also widely known for being on the top specialists in lymphedema surgeries. Patients come from all over the world for his lymphedema treatments, but Dr. Granzow felt like he wasn’t seeing enough patients for the cosmetic side of his practice, especially from his digital marketing. That’s when he signed with Firm Media.


Dr. Granzow was working off of a website that look dated and did not reflect the high standards he sets for himself and his practice. Not only did the website not match his image (and did not convert potential new patients), but he also had difficulty explaining what he was looking for to his previous digital marketing company. On top of the dated web design, Dr. Granzow did not rank very well in the search engines whenever someone looked for a procedure in Manhattan Beach. Lastly, Dr. Granzow did not have an active social media following on his multiple Facebook pages or across his other social media channels.


The first thing Firm Media accomplished was a complete redesign of his cosmetic website. During this process, we were able to learn more about Dr. Granzow and were really able to drill down on what makes him different than his competitors. His new website accurately reflects the high standards he sets for his practice. The next task was to clean up and combine/delete all of his multiple Facebook, Google and YouTube pages so that patients knew exactly where to find more information about Dr. Granzow.

During this period, our SEO team also started implementing a keyword campaign targeted to Manhattan Beach, so that he ranked extremely well in his own backyard. While the website and SEO campaigns were being implemented, Dr. Granzow and our Social Media team were able to meet extensively so that we were able to accurately portray Dr. Granzow in the exact way he wanted.


Not only did the redesign increase conversions on the website by 358.69% (from all marketing channels), but along with the SEO team’s efforts, he ranks on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing for 90% of the phrases we are marketing him for. Specifically, traffic from Organic Search since we launched the new website is up 65.46% with conversions up 141.75%.

As mentioned above, Dr. Granzow’s social media campaign was essentially non-existent. Since signing with Firm Media, the LIKES of his Facebook page have increased 1425%, allowing him to send his message out to targeted users in the Manhattan Beach and Los Angeles area. In addition to the digital work we have done for Dr. Granzow, we have also designed an advertisement for his print marketing campaign and setup call tracking, so we can better see what is driving the most people to contact him.