GetzWell Pediatrics

Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Call Tracking

A Unique Campaign For A Unique Practice

GetzWell Pediatrics is San Francisco’s premier primary care pediatric practice, with two locations in the City: Noe Valley and Cow Hollow. GetzWell Pediatrics is specialized in that it provides thoughtful, progressive pediatric care to San Francisco families through a Direct Primary Care membership model. Offering what they call, “whole kid care,” the physicians at GetzWell Pediatrics are highly trained, see a limited number of patients each day (so they are unhurried), listen to parents, and focus on the unique needs of children and their families.


Since GetzWell Pediatrics was a unique practice, they needed appropriate marketing efforts to explain their services to parents. Before coming to Firm Media, GetzWell Pediatrics was working with a small, single employee SEO company to help drive web search traffic to the GetzWell website. However, not only did this small company not have any tracking mechanisms in place, GetzWell Pediatrics felt as though their small SEO agency was not current enough to produce their desired results. GetzWell Pediatrics decided to step their marketing up a notch and hired Firm Media to take their marketing efforts to the next level.


Being such a unique practice, we knew that we had to make GetzWell Pediatrics stand out from all of their competitors. The first thing we did was completely redesign and rebuild the website. The existing site was very basic, not responsive and lacked valuable information parents were looking for. Our goal was to make sure the site was responsive and looked beautiful on every screen size, and build out the content so that parents had a factually accurate pediatric site from which to get information.

As mentioned above, a comprehensive SEO campaign was implemented with new, relevant content on the site. Being a pediatric practice, the challenge was to make sure the content was easily readable, digestible and factually accurate while optimizing for the major search engines. Through extensive interviews and some trial and error, GetzWell Pediatrics has completely custom content on their site which ranks extremely well.

It wasn’t enough to just have content on the site that ranked well. We also needed to make sure parents were able to easily find this information (other than just through searching). Firm Media implemented a comprehensive Social Media campaign that was centered around getting information out to parents. Dr. Getzelman is very involved in Social Media, and between the two of us, the campaign has become a great resource for parents to find high-quality information regarding their child.

Lastly, in year 3 of the campaign, GetzWell Pediatrics signed on for our SEM campaign. Competitors were starting to pop up and gain market share, so after much discussion around goals and budgets, we created a very comprehensive SEM campaign that had two primary goals: branding & conversion. With these goals in mind, our SEM Team created multiple campaigns spanning across (but not limited to): AdWords Search, AdWords Display, YouTube, Facebook, Retargeting & Instagram.


Since signing with Firm Media in 2015, GetzWell Pediatrics has seen a 13% increase in sessions to their website, with an increase of 17% in unique users. More importantly, conversions on the website have increased an astounding 112%! The largest increase in conversions by source and medium was by Google Organic (with an increase of 117%).

With such a large increase in Organic conversions, it’s no surprise this is largely due to a drastic rankings increase. Currently, 86% of GetzWell Pediatric’s core keywords are on Page 1 of Google (with 76% of those keywords in the first 5 positions).

Focusing a lot of our efforts on content distribution through Social Media, we knew that we also had to gain a larger following for GetzWell Pediatrics on Facebook. Since May 2015, Likes of the Facebook page have increased 103% ensuring parents of San Francisco always see quality pediatric information. Having parents see the information is of course only the first step in a strong Social Media campaign. While reach on engagement on Facebook has skyrocketed, traffic to the site has also dramatically increased (over 75%).

With the SEM campaign still in its infancy, we’re already seeing some great stats come through. Currently, the AdWords Search campaign is converting at over 14%, the AdWords Display campaign has a click-through-rate of over 2% and the YouTube campaign has a view rate of 16%. So far, the SEM campaign is reaching its branding and conversions goals that were discussed with GetzWell Pediatrics.