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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
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  • Search Engine Marketing
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Dental Restorative Group’s website was an award winning site for User Experience at the American Advertising Awards by the American Advertising Federation.

Showcasing A Truly Exceptional Prosthodontist

Dental Restorative Group was founded by Dr. John Chang and offers a wide range of aesthetic and preventative dental procedures. Dr. Chang practices along with 4 other doctors and sees patients in 3 Massachusetts office locations: Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge. Dr. Chang is internationally known and performs lectures all over the world. He is a dedicated family man and wants to make sure his practice provides patients with the highest quality of dental care.


When we first met Dr. Chang at the Academy of Osseointegration’s Annual Meeting, he was working off of a one page website that had very little content about what the practice actually does. The site was a parallax site and while it was responsive, it did not look as conversion friendly as it could on mobile devices. Since the site was only one page and had very little content, Dental Restorative Group had poor rankings in the 3 major search engines.

Dr. Chang also did not have a way of communicating to his patients what his practice was actually about and what they stood for. While Dental Restorative Group was on social media, their fans and followers were quite low. This meant that what Dr. Chang was putting out on social media was not getting any traction and patients did not have a clear idea of what the practice stood for.

Dr. Chang was also running a PPC campaign with limited results. The one page site did not have a contact form and the AdWords account had no conversion actions set up to see how well the campaign was actually performing.


First, Firm Media had to rebuild the entire site from scratch so it accurately portrayed Dr. Chang and Dental Restorative Group. Our primary goals with the redesign and development of the site were to position Dr. Chang as the expert he is and increase the search engine rankings. This included writing new, keyword rich pages for the entire website. The result is a beautiful, fully responsive website that highlights Dr. Chang’s core competencies.

While the site was being built, we needed a way for Dr. Chang to be able to express himself to patients online. After some discussion, it was decided that we would shoot a high quality video focused on Dr. Chang’s expertise and caring nature. The video was then strategically placed on the homepage to increase the amount of the views the video would get.

During this time, our Social Media department was working closely with Dr. Chang to ensure his message was reaching the right people on social media. These conversations also involved our Email Marketing team, to ensure that the messages patients were receiving, were consistent across all of his marketing channels.

Lastly, Dr. Chang purchased our SEM Package to help get a handle on his PPC spends and determine the effectiveness of the campaigns. Our SEM team worked closely with the design and development team to make sure that the website was conversion friendly and results-driven. Once the new website launched, our SEM Team created goals that were closely tied to leads and profitability that so we could see which paid marketing channels were producing the best results.


Since launching Dental Restorative Group’s new website, all of the main KPI’s of the campaign have skyrocketed. Comparing the first 3 months of the new site against the following 3 months, traffic to the website has increased 31.82% with new, unique users up 24.17%. This is largely due to the increase in the search engine rankings. Using the same comparison period, Organic Search traffic is up 13.31% and Dental Restorative Group is now on page 1 for 70% of their core keywords (with 50% of those phrases being position 1 within Google).

As we said above, Dr. Chang was on social media, but did not have enough fans and followers to really make an impact. Since signing with Firm Media, LIKES of Dental Restorative Group’s Facebook page has increased 808%. This growth has enabled us to reach the right people in the right markets with Dr. Chang’s message.

Coordinating with Social Media, Dr. Chang’s email campaign has been strategically aligned to ensure that the marketing message across all channels is consistent. Dr. Chang has been able to grow his practice to include new doctors, so our Email team has sent out emails to patients introducing the new doctors and their capabilities. These touch points from Social Media and Email have started to translate into business for Dr. Chang, with multiple patients saying that they found them on Social Media or had been meaning to come in, but didn’t until they received the emails

Lastly, The SEM team created a comprehensive campaign that covers AdWords & Yelp (Dr. Chang’s two main paid marketing channels). Now, Dr. Chang consistently ranks #1 in Google for his core procedures. Since implementing Yelp Advertising, referral traffic has stayed consistent, but his conversion rate has gone up 527.91% with conversions being up 500%. Our team is in constant communication with Dr. Chang’s office to ensure the SEM campaign is producing patients and budgets are consistently being adjusted based on what the practice is reporting as well as what the analytics are showing. This communication has allowed our team and Dr. Chang to implement the most comprehensive and effective SEM campaign they had ever seen.