Christopher Costanzo, M.D., F.A.C.S.

“I found Firm Media through word of mouth. I had been doing my own web design, but couldn’t keep up with the newer web designs and the need for mobile phone capability. I also felt I was loosing the search engine edge that I had enjoyed for many years, while other doctors, less experienced than I were jumping ahead of me on the main search engine listings. I had hired different companies in the past that specialized in SEO and reputation management, but was always dissatisfied with the results. I finally decided I wanted a company that could provide me with the total package, design, SEO and social media. The beautiful web design of my site by Firm Media ended up better than I expected and the mobile functionality is really impressive. I found the whole team to very professional, especially Alex who coordinated my web design and responded to all my suggestions, while quickly addressing areas I wanted changed or tweaked. Now after many months there has been a marked uptick in traffic from the internet to my office, with patients more eager to commit to surgery. As a surgeon, there is no better measure of a marketing companies worth than their ability to increase my surgical bookings.” – Christopher Costanzo, M.D., F.A.C.S

Services Provided

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Content Development

Presenting a Striking and Strategic Design

Dr. Christopher Costanzo is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He serves patients throughout the Thousand Oaks, California area.


Dr. Costanzo’s existing website required an updated look and feel, as the site employed an older design style that did not match the high-quality, contemporary brand that he and his practice had developed. Additionally, the practice aimed to increase website visits and to convert more of the site’s visitors into patients. The website was also not mobile-friendly or responsive.

In addition to an outdated design, Dr. Costanzo did not have much of a social media presence. While platforms were created, they were not brand consistent and there was very low engagement on posts.


Firm Media redesigned Dr. Costanzo’s website into a responsive format with striking imagery that evoked youthfulness and modernity. The redesign employed black-and-white colors typically seen in high fashion productions and marketing. Additionally, Firm Media rewrote the website’s content to improve its search engine optimization and to streamline its information.

Firm Media was also able to improve Dr. Costanzo’s social media channels through strategic management of his channels.


In addition to a more attractive, strategic design and clearer content, Dr. Costanzo’s website now ranks on the first page of web search results for 85% of its targeted phrases. Dr. Costanzo’s number source of traffic is now organic search (compared to direct traffic when Dr. Costanzo signed with us). Through strategic search engine and conversion optimization, users are viewing more pages per sessions, spending longer amounts of time on the site and Firm Media was able to decrease the bounce rate of the site by 14%. Since signing with Firm Media, Dr. Costanzo’s audience on Facebook has increased by 994%, resulting in more reach and engagement on his posts.