Antigone Skoulas DDS

“Firm Media has done an amazing job in helping me create, design, brand, and market my vision for my office and how I would like to present myself to patients. I really appreciate their attentiveness, communication about projects, and meticulousness in helping me navigate the world of website design, online advertising, and marketing. They are forward thinkers and full of initiative. I am very happy with the results.”Dr. Antigone Skoulas

Services Provided

  • Website Design and Development
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Retargeting
  • Video Production
  • Content Development

Dr. Skoulas’ website was an award winning site at the American Advertising Awards by the American Advertising Federation.

Launching a New Practice with Effective Marketing

Dr. Antigone Skoulas opened her private dental practice to meet the needs of professionals in San Francisco’s business district. As a general and cosmetic dentist, she provides a variety of oral health and aesthetic solutions to patients who require flexible scheduling and quality care.


Because Dr. Skoulas was launching a new practice, she had several needs for promoting her services to her target audience. Marketing materials needed to distinguish her work and to create a clear identity for her practice.


Firm Media created a range of marketing materials for Skoulas DDS, including a website, color scheme, logo, and print collateral. To help Dr. Skoulas stand out from other providers, our company conducted a photoshoot at her practice (rather than use stock photography.) A website video with testimonials adds both social proof and a modern, personal feel. To increase visits and conversion, Firm Media conducted SEO; used a video background for visual interest; and wrote the site’s content. A mega menu makes it easy for visitors to find and learn about services, and a contact form on each page allows them to become patients more easily. Firm Media also instituted a retargeting campaign to bring qualified users back to Dr. Skoulas’ site.