As a practice owner you may have had to deal with a negative review or two. Let’s face it, mistakes happen. But what about when these reviews are hurtful or inaccurate?


Have you ever wondered what types of reviews can be removed? Yelp’s Content Guidelines and Terms of Service indicate many cases in which practice owners can flag customer reviews for removal.

  1.  Reviews That Are Irrelevant to Users
    Yelp will flag content they deem irrelevant including current or ex-employee rants along with unlikely or irregular patient experiences. Yelp refers to it simply as “extraordinary circumstances” giving them some leeway for interpretation.
  2. Non-First Party Reviews
    Yelp can remove reviews that are written about somebody else’s experience. If someone leaves a negative review on your practice profile that was not an actual patient (such as a spouse or a friend) it can be flagged for removal.
  3. Explicit or Offensive Reviews
    Yelp can remove reviews containing any sort of threat or hate speech. Yelp classifies this under their restrictions to investigate any actions that “threaten, stalk, harm, or harass others, or promote bigotry or discrimination.”
  4. Reviews Containing Private Information
    Yelp requests reviews do not contain other people’s full names unless a person’s full name is the name of their business. For instance, a law firm’s business name containing someone’s full name would be fine, however a patient mentioning the owner of a practice’s full name could be flagged. Yelp also requests users do not post photos or videos that include other people on their site without said person’s permission.
  5. Reviews That Are Plagiarized 
    Yelp can remove reviews copy and pasted from other sites or posted previously by another user along with reviews that violate any form of intellectual property.

Once you have flagged a review that violates one of the above Terms of Service, Yelp’s User Operations team will evaluate it and send you an e-mail notification letting you know that your request for removal is being considered. Note that this does not guarantee it will be removed, but we have seen great success with these tactics in the past. If you would like to chat with one of our reputation management specialists, call (909) 395-3615 today!

By Brandi Trunick
Brandi has been a Firm Media team member since 2014 and serves as the Digital Communications Specialist. With a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing, Platinum Certification in SharpSpring and being highly active in the Women of Email networking group, Brandi helps our partners develop compelling email strategies to win the battle of the inbox.